Writing Month – Days 17 to 22

Wow. I really slacked on these updates. I kind of – no, I did become really lazy. I didn’t quite see any point in updating. And I was really lazy. Including with my NaNoWriMo story.

From the 17th to the 20th, I didn’t write anything. Well, actually, I wrote on the 17th and got my word count to 34,277 words. Then I got lazy and didn’t right anything to the point where the site’s suggested word count was ahead of me. Only by 723 words, but still. I should have been at 40,000 words on the 20th!

Knowing that I had to bring up my word count just for myself, I told myself on the 21st to just shut up and write to catch up. I was hoping to get to 42,000 that day, but alas, I only got to 40,677 words. So that meant that on the 22nd, I had to get up to 44,000.

Which I did successfully~ 44,003 words!

So what’s been going on in Love Me Softly?

Chris and Alex kind of went on more pseudo dates, had some car sex (8D). Um…Elizabeth and Joshua met each other, since Chris went over to Joshua’s for Thanksgiving and decided to invite his other lonely friend over too. I think Elizabeth and Joshua might be dating, but I don’t know. They just might have become really good friends or hang out increasingly because Joshua is one of her sponsors.

Yeah, Chris told Joshua about how Elizabeth wanted to become a porn star and Joshua decided to sponsor her.

Alex had apparently gotten beaten up by Chris’s friends, so Chris snapped at them.

Then Christmas kind of came along and Chris bought Alex some rose topped bobby pins as a gift. <3 Kind of a spur of a moment. Then he gave it to him and really liked it. Alex was flustered that he didn’t get Chris anything (since he hadn’t expected anything) and invited him to New York City for New Years. =P

And yeah…they started messaging each other on Christmas Day (well, around the midnight hours) and decided to see each other.




Dang, people are gonna get so angry with how reluctant Chris is to say something. =P

But yeah…

Oh man. Cannot wait for next month.