Writing Month – Day 8

So, I officially decided to move my short story writing to January 2011. I put a tiny, tiny, TINY bit more detail in the new page entitled “Monthly Plans”, so go check that out. There’s not really too much in it. Um…yeah. As the page says, things are subject to change. Especially in December. Kelly’s Journey takes such a huge effort to write (believe it or not), I may only end up doing one episode, plus the edits.

Of course, you’re not here to read about what’s coming up. You’re hear to read how today went writing-wise. Obviously no short story writing since I moved that to January.

Love Me Softly is going pretty well. I’m slightly bored with it (…I blame me saying I love how it’s turning out yesterday) right now. Though, it’s probably because nothing interesting is going on. All the two boys are doing is banging each other. I cannot wait to see Chris pursue Alex’s heart. I want him to go find out why Alex seems to have a sudden build of confidence.

’cause you know.

He finds it sexy and wants to know why Alex is so confidence.

I realized today too that my summary of the series is wrong.

I almost wonder if Alex will eventually become crept out by Chris. He kind of needs to.

omg. What if Chris kind of started becoming lovey-dovey and Alex started getting crept out by it?

…nah. Probably not. That wouldn’t work.

Meh. I’m sure SOMETHING will creep him out. Actually, I think Alex may be more crept out by the moments he and Chris aren’t meeting for sex. ’cause like…you know, he always expect Chris to jump him, even when he doesn’t want him to. So he’s probably up in arms when he’s alone with him when they don’t agree on meeting for sex.

I don’t know. I’m sure that’ll soon pop up. Probably about halfway through the 50,000 words? Actually, I kind of want it to show up sooner, but I can’t really see that happening.

Also, Chris hasn’t realized he likes Alex yet…


But yeah. They’re banging each other again. That’s it.

Nothing really new.

Surprisingly enough, I wrote this entry before the day ended.

Let’s see if I can get to 19,000+ words tomorrow! It would be AMAZING to get to 20,000+, since 20,000 means I am 2/5 done!