Wow, I’m really bad at writing these up. I should really get into a habit of writing entries.

Really, I should. But I don’t. I think it’s because I don’t know if anyone is reading them. Actually, no one is probably reading these entries. At least not right after I post them. I am, after all, not posting links to these anywhere but Twitter. I’m pretty sure most of my followers don’t even bother clicking the link.

Enough ranting though. Well, for now. What have I been doing this past week or so? Dragging out from what I can remember from my horrible memory that will not retain information for long periods of time unless I REALLY hold onto it – I’ve been working, loving work, liking work, disliking work, hating work, super hating on Compare & Save tags (which I will probably rant about later), website updates, therapy, drawing, and having interesting dreams. For two days in a row I had interesting dreams, though I can’t remember much of them anymore. Remind me that I need to get into the habit of writing down/typing up my dreams when I have them. I rather like remembering my dreams. Sometimes there’s content in them that I put into stories.

My sense of days and times get horrible when they pass, so this isn’t really going to be in a chronological order. It’ll be whatever I remember. I guess we can start with work, since that’s a simple place to start.

Now, I’m pretty neutral when it comes to my job. I actually like it, especially when I compare myself to my other co-workers who previously worked in the department I work in. In fact, hearing them complain makes me like it even more. There was a great day last week where all I did was make signs and tags for people. To be honest, I love Wednesdays at work. It’s kind of a slow day customer-wise and for file, we basically run around and makes signs and tags and stuff. It’s a laid back day for us. I LOVE making signs and tags. Probably because it requires me to sit at the computer and type away and the day is laid back. So a Wednesday ago, that’s all I did and I LOVED it. I wish I could just make signs and tags all day long. Saturday was really nice too, mainly because I had an 8 hour work day (plus a half hour lunch) that I don’t normally get. I also got help from two other people who actually like file management, which was wonderful. They put me in charge, but I didn’t demand much because it felt awkward commanding people older and more experienced than me. Saturday was a great day, went by pretty fast until I ran out of tags to put up. Well, I didn’t run out of tags – I just had the Compare & Saves to put up.

Which I hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. HATE. Compare & Save tags. Seriously, every time we get them, I just want to chuck them out. While I understand what the Compare & Save tags do (they basically tell the customer how much they can save when they buy a product from our store, as oppose to another one within the area), I still hate them. I think they’re stupid, especially when they display people can save like…let’s say 10 cents compared to other stores. I feel like they’re a waste of the waxy paper they’re printed on. I’m fine with all the other tags I have to put up, but these. I want to say they’re pointless, but they’re not really pointless, but rather unnecessary. Unless the customer is on a tight budget or obsessed with saving money, it’s probably not gonna matter. Of course, this is coming from my perspective. I’m someone who generally doesn’t complain about the price and more often than not agrees with the price (such as that I do agree with the $1.29 pricing on iTunes for many songs). If I like the store, I’ll gladly shop there. If not, then I won’t. If the store I’m at has what I want, normally I’ll buy it anyway, regardless of the price, unless I have compared prices before and was already going to the other store after I finished my shopping. Like those delicious Back to Nature Mint Cookies. My store shot up about a dollar in price (and I only realized that because I had to put the tag up – I wanted to cry because the cookies were already kind of expensive in the first place), so when I went to another store, I noticed that they were lower and bought them. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have paid attention in the first place if I didn’t put up the tag. Normally I don’t even notice the price changes unless I previously bought an item multiple times and bothered to look at the price.

There’s not really much else to say work-wise, except that I hate my manager. Harharhar. If I didn’t have trouble speaking words and wasn’t afraid of what would happen to my job if I spoke out, I would probably say a few things. They’re not necessarily bad, but they’re just a few…”tips” I guess you can say.

I’m also horribly annoyed with the conflicting statements about the keys, but there’s nothing I can really do about that. How am I suppose to “sign out” a key that doesn’t have a number or a name? If I have to sign out a key, don’t give me it in the first place.

OH. Before I forget, I felt like a failure because there was a huge handful of last weeks sale tags still up. It’s not my fault since I thought they had been taken care of, but I was finding sale tags for the 5/12 sale date (I found some for in April too! ;_;). I felt bad though just on behalf of the file management…

Okay, yeah, so, because work can get a bit boring just going around and looking at tags and what not, I do daydream since that’s when I get most of my story ideas. Sometime…I don’t know, this week or last week, I just had a HUGE creative burst. I started rethinking how one of my older story ideas was going to go and what not, which triggered me to also think up other story ideas. When I got home that night, I started writing a short story of mine. OH. It was the day I exchanged my number with a co-worker of mine. We agreed to hang out sometime, which will probably only happen as a last resort, to be honest. I’m definitely keeping it in mind as an option to leave the house if I actually want to leave for a few hours.

But yeah. Um…I won’t go into detail here about the stories (actually, I won’t even on my Written Works blog for a while), since you people who like more “real life” stuff probably would find it boring, despite that my immediate life is built around my imagination. I live for bringing the ideas I have to life into various forms – I hate when people reject that “idea” part of me for the “reality” portion. My ideas are my reality. This other crap is just time wasters and money gainers so that I can actually bring my ideas to life. Perhaps it’s not the same way for you, but do keep in mind that it is for me. You may not like it, but really, it’s the only thing keeping me from offing myself.

Okay, enough of me bashing time wasting activities.

Um…so, the other day, one of my clients (for art commissions) asked me about the comic storyboard I said I would do. I told them I would do them when I felt like doing them. I was planning on doing them after I finished the comics I wanted to do for myself (to test out how long it takes me to do a comic and how much I want to charge). Two nights ago I actually bothered to layout two different comics on the awesome comic storyboard sheets I made. I was actually really surprised at how few pages they were. The first one was 3 pages long and the second one 10. Then yesterday I started drawing the first one and drew the first page and most of the second page. I won’t go into the details here, but I’ll post them here. I’m actually really surprised how well they’re coming out too. I’ll post links to them eventually here and on my Written Works blog.

I also did a semi-request for a friend of mine. I call it a semi-request because they requested something and I just expanded on it. They wanted someone to make them a new avatar for the deviantART and I offered. They wanted me to draw it as well and were willing to pay me something. I told him I didn’t want anything other than credit, which he accepted…until I actually posted the full image of his avatar on my deviantART because really, it’s so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist making it into a full image.

This week (or was it last week?) gave me two strange dreams. I can’t remember the first one too well, other than there was a blonde guy with skater hair in an orange shirt with…I think the Hollister logo on it with the surfer’s necklace and khaki shorts with flip-flops (he really looked like he should have been on the beach) and we were talking. I vaguely remember some kind of really awesome adventure happening going on during that time, but I can’t remember what. OH. Actually, I had two strange dreams and a nightmare. The nightmare was when I went to sleep early and didn’t sleep well. In that dream, um, there was basically this giant war between…I don’t know. Fictional characters and real people fighting against real people. Basically these anti-anime people were trying to get rid of all our manga and we had to fight back. The dream started out good though. Kelly’s Journey characters were made into these Clow Card-shaped trading cards (I’m sure most of you reading this don’t know what those are, but oh well, too lazy to explain) and I literally had a library of books, but that went away really quickly when the war started. I woke up though when my father (in my dream) was throwing out my yaoi manga. ;_; I was REALLY angry in my dream. I didn’t feel it though when I woke up, but I was breathing heavy as if I had been angry. Then the other strange dream I had started out with a concert of…I think LilPri (which is an adorable children’s anime series for girls about three girls who have to save a place called Fairyland by becoming singers, basically) with this weird style reminiscent of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (which is another anime, but it’s not necessarily meant for children and despite its cutesy look is actually pretty dark…and the music is wonderfully haunting). After it ended, somehow I was…I think in an apartment in NYC (though, I can’t remember if it was me or LilPri or some other group of people entirely…I think it might have been me and some other people) and somehow we met Lady Gaga. I think maybe backstage at that LilPri concert. And, um, Lady Gaga was talking to me and my friends…it was weird. She was saying some really inspiring stuff though as she does and ended up inviting me and my friends to Outback Steakhouse. That dream obviously did something to my mind because I’ve been into Lady Gaga so much lately, to the point I’m considering myself one of her “Little Monsters”. Never thought I would. Then that dream ended…man, I wish I could remember more of what happened during those dreams. I’m thinking of starting a blog specifically for my dreams. Kind of like a personal archive and entertainment for other people.


I had the day off from work, thank Arceus (harharhar, Pokémon reference…>.>). I wish I had more days off, but at the same time I want more money, so I can’t complain too much. I went back to my gender identity specialist therapist. It was a good session. I can’t wait to go back! I’m at this point in my gender identity where I know exactly what I identify with and I’m comfortable with it, but I need help getting me unstuck from where I am. I might make a post in the future that goes over what a transgender is, what I identify with, the feelings I feel, and what not, but not today. It’s long and complicated to explain, even more so because we’re talking about me. I’m normally a contradiction to what people think, so I’ll need to carefully write that post to try and make it understandable. I’m sure some people will find it an interesting read. Plus, transgenders need to be brought out into the open more. They’re not known.

Afterward, I went to Whole Foods and bought a bunch of food. I actually had gone there specifically for eggs and that delicious Parmesan bread I had the other day, but, um, I got a lot more than that. They have such a huge selection of delicious frozen food, I can’t resist! I picked out a few other things, including this veggie deli turkey-style tofu thing to try (I liked their Italian Sasuage-Style veggie thing). Anyway, while I was browsing the frozen section, I noticed that Quorn made beef-style ground! I LOVE Quorn and wanted to try more of their products, so I picked it up. I wanted to make tacos anyway and my dad bought some more of the Morning Star beef-style veggie ground the other day (which reminded me that I wanted to have a taco because I haven’t had one in a VERY long time). So after I left Whole Foods, I went home, put everything away, then went for a lovely walk. Which I wish was longer. Didn’t really know where to go. Plus it was thundering out. I LOVE the rain and would have loved to take a nice, long walk in it, but it was thundering. I don’t do thunder. After my lovely walk, my dad made the beef-style ground for me and I put it into the taco. And MAN, it was GOOD. Just…wow. So good. Really, really, really good. It was a nice change from what I normally eat and I rediscovered my love for sour cream. If I had love for it in the first place. I don’t think I had sour cream for over a year. But I don’t know. Either way, it was delicious. Messy, but delicious. I ate a bit of mint chocolate for desert, which was actually pretty good, other than you can kind of taste the mint oil. I’m sure if I have it more it I’ll enjoy it, since I enjoy the rest of it.

And right now, I’m just finishing up this lovely entry. After I post it, I’m actually gonna add a page relating to some of my favourite food brands just because I feel like it. Then go write about my comics on my Written Works blog. Then maybe finish up that second page so I can scan and upload to deviantART. Until next time!