Why I Want to Write a Fanfiction Over My Original Works

If you read yesterday’s entry, I mentioned that I’ve been restraining myself from writing Kelly’s Journey and the reason why I’m restraining – I believe writing my original stories are more important than a fanfiction. Of course, my desires go the other way and practically shout for me to write it. Kelly’s Journey currently is more appealing for me to write than my original stories. Not to say my original stories are never appealing for me to write – sometimes they are. As of right now though, I really just want to write Kelly’s Journey.

Today at work I came to a realization – I don’t remember what made me realize this either – as to why I’m more motivated to write Kelly’s Journey as oppose to my original stories. When I looked it over in my head, Kelly’s Journey has something that my original works don’t: an audience. Perhaps you’d call them fans, a readership, a follower, or something along those lines, but I’m calling them an audience.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I do believe that my original works have a potential to have an audience. It’s just right now that they don’t. Of course, this is particularly my fault because I normally like to keep my writings under lock until they’re finished. I also don’t post them onto any websites due to my future plans of publishing them for profit and the fear of someone stealing them.  I like keeping the characters who appear in the works generally under lock as well, but sometimes I give some leeway and draw them. Sometimes when I really like a part in the story I’m working on, I will post the excerpt online to show people, but I don’t get feedback unless I directly ask my friends either in person or over IM what they think of it.

Kelly’s Journey, on the other hand, is almost a different story. It’s a fanfiction and not licensed by Nintendo or The Pokémon Company, so I obviously can’t make profit off of it. Instead, I “publish” it for free to the Internet for people to read. While it doesn’t have too many readers (and from my knowledge, probably somewhere between three to five), there are people who read and people who give me feedback. The active readers (meaning that they read the chapter every time a new one is posted and have read them all) are fans too, not friends who are saying “I like your work” whether or not they mean it. The feedback I get from them on the writing means so much to me. It lets me know they are reading it and enjoying it. I also seem to always gravitate towards drawing Kelly when I feel like drawing, which further promotes it. The fact that Kelly’s Journey is a fanfiction (well, more of a rewrite) for a popular series probably helps it a bit too.

Most people on my deviantART obviously watch me for my Pokémon related drawings, not my original characters. So normally, when I post up images of my original characters (not my fan characters), they seem to get ignored. This normally bothers me only because sometimes I go all out on the image and make it look spectacular, only to have it be ignored (like that picture of Kerra I did…>.>). The only non-fan character who seemed to get any response from people was a more recent drawing of Kanata. I don’t even know why she got such a huge response from my watchers – the image itself was pretty dang ugly and there’s not really much about her character on my deviantART, other than an outdated sheet that talked about her personality (which is far from accurate now). Perhaps it’s because she’s one of my VERY few characters with an unnatural hair colour (purple)? That she’s associated with computers? I don’t know.

I am hoping to eventually promote my original works and build an audience. I definitely do want to post up some stories, but I don’t want to at the same time because I might publish them (I’m doing self publishing, by the way – gotta build an audience first ’cause I need limitless creative control). I am currently debating whether or not to post up a short story I’ve had many people read before, just to try and pull people in. I think it’s a decent idea, except for the fact that it is one of the stories that definitely is going inside my short stories compilation. If I did post it, it would be after the book was online for purchase. Same with the other idea I had – to post up my “rejected” short stories. Basically, I plan on writing tons of short stories (when I say a ton, I’m thinking somewhere between 100 to 200 short stories). Then I would reread all of them once I was done, edit them and/or rewrite them, then begin to select the ones that I would put into the compilation. Perhaps leading up to the compilation or maybe after it’s available for purchase, I would post the rejected ones up online for people to read. They would most likely be the ones people would prefer anyway, so it would be a good idea to drag in the audience. Plus, free reading material is always nice!

I am planning on introducing an original character of mine soon in a comic. I actually think doing the comic is a fantastic idea in the sense that it would probably get people more interested in my original characters. Of course, there’s that issue that they might love to read comics, but hate reading novels. I am hoping though that people will get more interested in my original characters and my original written works this way though.