When in Doubt, I Study Japanese

I like to do a lot of things that make me use my brain a lot. You know, in terms of thinking. I enjoy drawing, writing, things like that. Sometimes though, I want to do too many of those at once and my mind gets jumbled: Should I draw? Should I write? Should I do dance? Should I go sleep? Should I read? Should I watch? Should I study? Should I do [insert something else here]?

I, unfortunately, hit this problem quite often and usually end up going to sleep because I can’t decide what to do. Obviously, that’s really unproductive when I’m trying to get things done. After a while of having this happen to me, I realize something: I can study Japanese quite easily whether I want to or not.

Unlike everything else I do, Japanese stands alone. While Japanese does involve writing, it’s not the same kind of writing I usually do. It’s more academic, non-fiction, as oppose to the writing I love to do, which is fiction. I have some non-fiction as well, like this blog. While I could integrate Japanese into other things I want to do (comics, anyone?), it’s not necessary and usually I don’t have a desire to do that.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, such as pretty much these past few days. I have artwork I owe from last year, plus my current goal of studying Japanese & finishing my textbooks this year and writing up a comic. I want to do them all, but time doesn’t allow for it. It’s sort of hard trying to figure out which one to go with, as the artwork is left over from last year’s goals and my goals’ schedule for this year hasn’t quite started yet. This is one of the few times that when in doubt, I am completely stuck.★