When in Doubt, Draw Kelly (or Onlyinadreamshipping)

Sometimes around holidays, including my own birthday, my friends will reach out to me and state that they are planning to draw me a gift…but they don’t know what. I then freeze, because I don’t really know myself what I want. I LOVE when people draw pictures for me, but I don’t necessarily know what I want.

Over the years though, I’ve figured the two “fail safes”. Well, semi-fail safes. I’m still really critical when it comes to people drawing my characters. There’s a difference between style and just not drawing the character correctly, especially when they have a notable trait.

So, this semi-joke guide is here to let you know what to draw me and what not to draw me.

What Not to Draw Me

Yeah, let’s start with a “not to draw” list from me. I generally get a lackluster emotional response from seeing them. And if it’s not lackluster, it’s a feeling of disappointment or anger. Yes, I’m well aware that the gifts are drawn with me in mind, but regardless, those are my initial reactions.

– Canon (official) characters only; my favourite canon characters change pretty often and I honestly don’t have the kind of emotional attachment to them as I do to my own characters!

– Shipping images of Canon Character/Canon Character that I like; there is honestly NO canon/canon ships I like enough to warrant it as a good gift to me! Not to mention, I’m very quick to leave those ships behind.

– Characters and shippings I don’t like; this one should be pretty obvious. I don’t like them…so why draw them for me?!

– Drastically out of character images that aren’t dreams; THIS DRIVES ME NUTS. Okay, a bit out of character is fine. Drastically, how about no. Unless it’s a dream. Or a parody. Ash Ketchum isn’t going to be some romantic-know-it-all (he’s clueless and I doubt he’ll ever have a full clue) and Kelly won’t be a helpless maiden in distress who can’t do anything because she’s pathetically weak (she’ll fight back, even if she ends up being unable to help herself)

KELLY WITH HER HAIR TOO SHORT. I haaaaaaaaaaate hate hate hate hate hate when people do this. I can’t tell if it’s because people have never seen full body pictures of her, didn’t pay attention, or just thought she would “look better with shorter hair”, but I REALLY hate when people do it. The bottom point of hair reaches her ankles.

– Characters of mine I haven’t drawn too often; if I haven’t drawn them too often, I probably don’t care for them that much or have a story idea for them yet.

What to Draw Me

Fail Safe #1 – Kelly

Kelly is the ultimate fail safe. If you don’t know what to draw me, Kelly is ALWAYS a good choice. I have PLENTY of references of her on deviantART (so does the Kelly’s Journey category on here!). A summary of her personality is available online to read. She stars in a fanfiction that has 15 chapters posted as of writing this. There’s plenty of material for reference and inspiration about her to help you understand her and draw an awesome picture (even if it is just her smiling). I don’t even know if people know they have all this material to use as references for her!

Kelly is the character closest to my heart (which is probably obvious – she does share her first name with me), so she makes it an easy choice to go with. All people need to be aware of is that I hate when people draw her hair length wrong. As long as you draw it long enough (I’d rather have you draw her hair slightly dragging on the floor than being shorter than mid-calf). If you’re having trouble with getting her hair length right, you can just draw her hair up in a high ponytail…I’m probably not really going to notice.

I actually did a tutorial for her hair, so if you want to draw her, you might want to check it out:


Click the image to view it at full size, obviously. One of my friends tried it and she was successful.

Another thing I noticed too when people draw Kelly is sometimes they draw the wrong hairstyle for her outfit.

Kanto (First 15 episodes)


Kanto-Orange Islands-Johto


Hoenn & Battle Frontier






Unlike Kelly’s hair length, I actually don’t really mind that you drew the wrong hairstyle. It just makes me chuckle because it’s like Kelly kind of like…jumped around in time. One of the most common fusions I’ve seen is her Unova hairstyle with the Kanto-Orange Islands-Johto outfit.

You’re also totally free to draw her in an original outfit. Some of my friends do that! Or you can draw her in the other outfits I’ve done for her, if you can find references for them.

Coloured references of Kelly are on my deviantART. Actually…let me give you a Unova one right now:


Fail Safe #2 – Onlyinadreamshipping (Ash Ketchum/Kelly)

Onlyinadreamshipping is my static one true pairing. It’s always with me, in my heart, even when some other pairing is taking over my mind. While I’m not personally comfortable flaunting it about, I’m totally open to people drawing pictures of the two of them. I could careless if it was romantic or friendshippy – either one works for them.


Now, pretty much anything works for them. I just would like to state I don’t believe Ash will ever be a romantic and if he does something “romantic”, it wasn’t his original intention, it just turned out that way and he didn’t even notice he did so. Kelly’s more of a “reversed gender roles” kind of gal too, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Anything you draw for me with them though, I will accept.

 The Other Options

A lot of people don’t seem to know or realize that there are other options to choose from! Or if they do, they tend to opt for one of the fail safes because they’re probably the easiest ones to come up with things for. I have plenty of characters to choose from, including some with multiple examples available via my deviantART gallery.

Some of these characters I would like to be combined with others. Others, they could obviously hang out alone.

Kelly’s Journey Characters


Daisy Ketchum – (with at least Kelly) – Ash’s younger sister in KelJo who is hyperactive, a drama queen, loves photography, and has the tendency to blackmail people. For more ideas on her, actually reference Kelly’s Journey. (Picture shown: Kanto-Orange Islands-Johto version of Daisy)


Mistico – (with at least Kelly) – the sweet, feminine, fashionista of the group who a lot of people seem to forget. She appears enough in the series though for you to get an idea of her personality! She’s got mad sewing skills and is fast. (Picture shown: Kanto-Orange Islands-Johto version of Mistico)


Melissa (alone or with at least Kelly) – the fun-loving, yet tough girl. She’s rather friendly and can be pretty aggressive. To know more about her personality, go here. Her best friend is her Gallade. She’s in love with Ash’s Sinnoh rival, Paul (oh ho ho ho ho IDEAS MAYBE?!?!?! No…no? …okay…) (Picture shown: After-D&P Melissa)

Original Story Characters
Okay, my original story characters need a lot more love. A LOT more! They aren’t always recognized by people and when they are, no one draws fan art for them! Well, except for Faye & Erik. Someone has done that on several occasions! I sometimes wonder if it’s because I haven’t drawn them enough. On the other hand, maybe nobody actually knows enough about them. Let me brief you on some of my characters that I would LOVE to see artwork from.

I’ll divide the characters from different stories with dashes.


Samantha Laine – HUGE gamer and doesn’t crap from anybody. Her favourite games are fantasy RPGs. Yes, she’s the type of girl to swear at the screen because there’s an annoyingly weak creature that she can’t just seem to hit. She also has a chance to live one of her games and has some mad sword fighting skills. Her outfit for that can be seen, but please note I’m planning on changing it a bit.



Faye Jademan – my angel character. She’s really friendly, a bit too nosy for her own good, and can be a bit ditzy. Watch out when she’s angry though – she’s sharp and she’s quick. She has an alternate form, called her “demon fighting form”.

080 copy

Erik – MY ADORABLE DEMON PRETTY BOY. Who crossdresses kind of involuntarily. Kind of. He acts like he’s all mean and stuff, but you can just tell he’s actually really a sweet heart. He’s kind of tsundere. He likes Faye. Yes, they’re from the same story.



Clyde – ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITEST CHARACTERS I’VE EVER CREATED. He doesn’t like anyone, complains a lot…but he’s still a really nice guy. And he loves tea. Loves tea a lot. And he hates when his tea time is interrupted, which is surprisingly pretty often. And yes, Clyde is a guy. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that. This particular version of Clyde is like Frankenstein’s monster.


Adalynn – Clyde’s cousin. She’s nice, kind, polite, and generally very lady-like. She’s very quick-witted. She usually wears a smile, even when she’s down. She’s the only one Clyde doesn’t get annoyed at (not usually anyway), although sometimes the two have disagreements.


Spark Alamental – My witch character. She’s spunky, friendly, and hyper to the point where people get annoyed enough to move. She REALLY doesn’t get along with Clyde and seems to have a thing with Vainstrel, a vampire who sucks witches blood only. Spark holds the element of electricity in her body. She has body markings that indicate this (including those black lines that look like garters)


Vainstrel – An overdramatic, bipolar vampire. He comes from a species that only sucks the blood of witches. Spark usually has to kick him or shock him (a legitimate electricity shock) to help keep him in line when he wants to destroy everything. He seems to have a thing with Spark. People sometimes call the two of them the dumb couple.

Obviously, I have more characters than the ones I show here. Go poke around my deviantART and read my artist comments to figure out which ones they are.

Characters Chosen, but the Situation?

Alright, so, sometimes, I know people have an idea for the characters…but the situation they’re in escapes them.

I am not opposed to generic pictures. If you draw my character simply smiling, that is perfectly fine with me!

If you want to aim for something more “awesome” though (since I know some people do), here are some suggestions:

 Kelly’s Journey
– My characters with their Pokémon (if you don’t know, ask)…but not just with their Pokémon, but interacting, such as Kelly and her Spearow, Bicker, fighting (please just keep in mind about which Pokémon the characters actually have, including if any evolve – ask before you draw!)

– SHIPPING IMAGES ARE MORE THAN WELCOME, particularly for Ash/Kelly and Paul/Melissa. The former is more friendshippy, the other is more…steamy…lololololol

– Alternate universe pictures! For instance, what do you think my characters would be like if they went to a Japanese high school? Or how about if they were part of a medieval fantasy? Or were pirates? THERE’S SO MANY IDEAS.  Let’s expand on that – for instance, if you drew a medieval fantasy you could have Kelly and Ash fighting back to back with swords against creepy creatures or if they’re on a pirate ship, have Daisy looking all excited, Ash just lazily taking a nap in the corner, and Kelly’s face slightly green…

– Pokémon battles~~~! No one draws enough of them.

– Draw a scene actually from the story, ’cause, you know, that’s an option too

Original Story Characters
– Draw things based off their personalities; for example, having Samantha getting angry at a video game and shouting at the screen or Faye being noisy and teasing Erik about something, with Erik blushing and trying to deny what he’s being accused of

– Interactions between my original story characters. Okay, sure, not all of them are in the same story, but that’s okay! It’d be interesting to see how you think they’d interact with each other

– Clyde/Adalynn and Vainstrel/Spark shipping images are more than welcome~

Other Options
– CROSSOVERS! You can cross over the KelJo and my OSC or KelJo or OSC with other series (Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts, etc.) if you want to

– Have YOUR characters meet MY characters! How would your characters interact with mine? (Not to mention, it makes the gift even more personal!)

– You can try drawing me with one of my characters too…totally not opposed to that. Especially if it’s me and Kelly

Oh, and just as a reminder, totally not opposed to people drawing hentai images of my characters except Kelly. And myself, obviously. That’d just be weird, someone drawing hentai of me. But any of my other characters (Melissa, Faye, etc.), totally not opposed to it.

Also, keep in mind: Kelly’s Journey characters AGE! If you want to make sure you’re drawing them their correct ages, ask! Or otherwise, check out this chart. For characters not listed, keep in mind that I make the rivals generally the same age as whoever they’re rivaling. For instance, in Sinnoh, Ash and Kelly are both 14 (later 15) years old, which makes Paul and Melissa the same age.

Now I Have Too Many Ideas

Alright, if you have too many ideas, here’s what to do:

1.) Write them down somewhere and number them. Doesn’t matter the order.

2.) Go to Random.org and set it so the numbers are 1 to whatever your last number is (example: if you have 5 ideas, you set the minimum number to 1 and the maximum to 5), and press “generate”.

3.) Go with the idea that you have generated.

And there you go! I hope this served as some type of help of figuring out what to draw me.