[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Creative Works Subsite Up!

Despite the fact I have commissions to finish, just so I can reopen them soon, I’ve been working on my website these past few days. It’s primarily because I feel like working on Japanese, but just simply knowing that I have the first phase of my website almost finished makes me think I should work on it instead. Otherwise, it’s probably not going to be done at all this year and, quite frankly, I’m sick of waiting.

I want my website’s first phase to be complete, dang it!

It’ll make the later phases MUCH easier, which I’ll talk about in another post later. I probably should be going to bed.

With this update, I have:
– added a link to my Creative Works subsite to the index page
– uploaded my Creative Works subsite
– made a blank page for the Comics subsite, just saying it’ll come at some point much later
– made all my fanfictions that were more than a few sentences long available for download as a PDF, EPUB, and HTML, with the exception to two that I have no trace of anywhere except for Fanfiction.net; all files have terrible names to them, which I hope to fix at a later date. You’ll have to deal with the terrible ones for right now though because I am, quite honestly, too lazy to fix them right now…

And that’s it!

Next up is to tweak “Site” and 100% do the “Site Map” and BAM. First phase is DONE!

Enjoy: http://creativeworks.trainerkelly.net/

Thanks for reading!