Tonight is a Good Night

Well, I’m finally back on my favourite sleeping schedule. Being up during the night and sleeping during the day. It feels really nice to be back on that. It’s so irritating not to be on that sleeping schedule. Granted, it’s also annoying when I do all my work at night and I have a “survival job” during that time. Obviously I don’t right now (and I don’t have any job right now other than what I’ve given myself and the commissions).

I unfortunately keep on skipping over my Japanese lessons by accident. I really need to program them into my phone and set my alarm for them. And kick myself back into a habit of going to them. I need to start working on my Japanese again. I’m at the VERY end of Lesson 6! So close to finishing it. My focus is going to other things though – namely, commissions and writing.

I joined Camp NaNoWriMo. I want to write another book and see if I can finish it in less words than my first one. I’m about…7,000 words behind of where I want to be, so I’m trying to crank on that. It’s not really that hard, actually. I just need to force myself to sit down and write it. I got to 7,000-something words tonight on it. Just about 7,000 more to go. Fun. No, not really. Well, sometimes it’s fun. I would go all rambley about what I’m writing, but I’ll save that for my Written Works blog.

Tonight actually is a really good night for me. So far there’s two things – two geeky things – that happened to me tonight.

I finally woke up at…I don’t know, 7 something, maybe? I walked out and saw on the back of the couch a small package. I immediately knew what it was – my proof copy. I walked up to it and started ripping open the package. I told my dad, figuring he probably would be thinking “what did Kelly buy”, I said “it’s my free proof copy”. He responded “Oh, so you finished it?” and I responded “yep”. I walked into the kitchen looking for the scissors, failing to find it. I suddenly remembered – I have a razor blade hanging out in my bag. Why don’t I just cut it open with that? So I cut open the package and saw the book. I almost started crying. I have never seen my own works printed in such a format, so physically holding my writing in an actual book was – no, is – exciting. Unfortunately, I’m not putting this book up for sale, for those of you who are interested in reading it. It’s the first draft and I’m actually putting it as part of my “beta book” line, which means it’s released for free for people to read.

It’s amazing to view it and hold the book in my hand. It’s nice and thick. When I start reading it (and by “reading it”, I mean flipping to random pages and reading random scenes), it feels fresh. I’m surprised I even wrote this much. And I’m hoping I can do it again. Well, not this much (there’s over 130,000 words, which is more than twice the word count goal for NaNoWriMo). Just finish another novel. And another. And another. This one took some planning though and the one I’m writing this month I planned in…what, three days? One for the main plot line, two for the character bios of the main characters. Yeah.

The second thing tonight was that the what-was-suppose-to-be-a-final-chapter-but-isn’t for Koisuru Boukun was released tonight. AND IT WAS JUST OUTRIGHT BEAUTIFUL. Especially the last two pages. They were scenes so typical of BL manga, yet, they felt really fresh. I can’t really say much on this, just so I don’t spoil it for others. All I can say is that it was beautiful.

I’m actually going to be working on my commissions super soon. I’m doing the sketches for the non-comic one first so I can work on them in between the comic pages. I definitely need to fix up my prices though. And ban point-payed oil painting commissions. Those take far too much time for me to just get a few hundred points.

Dang, I have so much work to do.