[THOUGHTS] Break Time. Kind of?

Oh man, I am so tired. Yeah, really tired. It feels like whenever I have a day off from work, I suddenly realize how tired I am. It’s like when I have work, I’m also aware that I need to keep up with my goals, so my body stays awake longer to help me work on them. Then I have a day off from work and my body is like “YOU NEED THE EXTRA SLEEP”. Which is fine, since I usually get a lot of stuff done regardless how much time I have anyway. I don’t usually think I do my stuff for more than 5 hours anyway.

I seem to be slowly hitting a point of depression with drawing, remembering my inabilities to draw certain things and when something doesn’t come effortlessly, it comes out terribly, which means I should be on an artwork break. This is going to delay me somewhat from getting my website images done, but that’s alright. I wasn’t aiming for May anyway.

Of course, I can’t just not work on any goals, right? I feel like if I don’t work on some goal, I’ll just get lazy and fall into some state of deep depression, which is exactly what I don’t want. So that’s why, for now, I’ll work on my reading goal (just finishing books I started and (re)reading manga I own) and possibly some blogging. Frequent blogging was an added goal anyway to keep this part of the site active, even with no readers.

I say no drawing until Monday, but I might hold off until Wednesday or Monday, the 20th, to actually draw again. I HAVE been drawing a lot lately, so a break that long might be good for me. I’ll see how I feel on Monday.

I have a new idea for this blog. Hopefully you’ll see the posts soon.