The Phoenix of Sewing

Oh, how I wish I was really like a phoenix for sewing, rising from the idle ashes, blossoming into a person who sews frequently. Alas, I have not. At least, not yet anyway. I was planning on making April my ~sewing month~ though, as of right now, I still can’t tell if that’s really going to happen or not. I still want to primarily concentrate on getting my artwork completely finished (so I can start on the website one), which is sort-of-almost-done.

I did take a slightly unexpected turn during March though and began to sew. More precisely, I began to sew drawstring bags. It all started with my friend Courtney and her late 16th birthday party. I knew what I was going to give her (which was an artwork of her character) and I wanted to put it in a bag she might be able to use for holding other things, which meant I had to (or rather, wanted to) sew a drawstring bag.

I ran out to Walmart that day and grabbed a flower-patterned cotton fabric, brought it home, and began to sew a drawstring bag. I didn’t have a chance to wash the fabric because I knew I was going to be running super late for the party.

Actually, wait a minute.

I didn’t sew the drawstring bag first. I sewed what I called a “bookmark holder”. It’s just some pieces of fabric sewn together to be small enough to hold a bookmark. Otherwise you could make it hold a comb or something. I don’t know. Anyway, THEN I sewed the drawstring bag.

Came out pretty well, don’t you think?

Then a day or two or sometime after her party was done, I actually sewed my own bookmark holder, which I’ve been meaning to do, and placed it up on my computer desk using some poster putty stuff. Now my bookmarks I’ve made aren’t going to be lying all over the place!

Shortly after this my desire to sew died again, but I pushed through – I made some patterns (which now I realize need to be much bigger than I anticipated). Once those were done, I worked on a small bag for a CD I was sending to a friend of mine. I wanted to send it out in a nice little bag…well, just because. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if you received an item you bought in a nice bag that you could use to store other things in? Like coins, jewelry, papers, etc.? I think it would be!

Tom and I ended up trying to make plans again, which pushed me to get the bags I wanted to sew for him and Ryan finished, sort of. I managed to sew one pair of bags – for books – but got too lazy to make the crystal ones (they’re actually currently sitting on my sewing desk, pinned together, so if I REALLY wanted to, I could go and work on them now).

My desire to sew died once again, only to be a bit revived by joining a lobster tail bustle class…only to slightly die again upon realizing I have to make more clothing than I realized before I even make the bustle.