The Kelly’s Journey 4-Panel Comics!

Kelly's Dream

So, I bought Manga Studio Debut, played around with inking and toning on three images I never planned to colour, and I went on my artwork break. I just got back this week and wanted to practice on it, but had nothing to work with. I spent 3 days storyboarding a Kelly’s Journey comic that turned out to be 24 pages. I have another KJ comic I want to storyboard before I actually move onto the serious sketches. This is obviously prevent of me getting to practice on Manga Studio.

I wanted to do something quick on Manga Studio, something related to KJ, and something using the panel layouts that Manga Studio already provides. With this, I decided to do some Kelly’s Journey 4-Koma (4-Panel) comics. I figured that they would pretty easy for me to do and would allow for some interesting filler art between KJ episodes. I also feel bad that my KJ watchers had to sit through Cleanser 2.


Right now, I only have four planned and two completely finished. I’m hoping to have more in the future. If anyone has ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Anyway, the first one I started with was “Kelly’s Dream”. Kelly’s asleep and is dreaming actually about what she ultimately wants to be – a pop star. Yes, she wants to be a pop star. She’s on stage, dancing along side her Pokémon. It’s a really simple comic, but I feel like it almost says quite a lot about Kelly, in ways. Primarily about her own goals.

The next one I did was another one involving Kelly, but this time it was her actually DANCING. I don’t really know what’s happening (I’m guessing she’s demonstrating a new choreography), but in the last panel, she’s happy enough to make her Pokémon look at her weirdly.

That’s all I have for now. I may update this post at a later time.

…nah, probably not.