[RAMBLES] Goals & the Remainder of the Year

Man, you can always tell when it’s almost the end of the year. And it’s not just because people are attempting to protest “Black Thursday” and Christmas stuff has been out since early October (or late September).

There’s something about the end of the year that makes one reflect on what they have accomplished so far this year. With just about a month and a half left of 2014, it’s hard not to look at the list of goals and think “what have I done so far and what still needs to be completed”?

It’s finally hitting that point where I can feel the mental pressure to complete goals I set out to do this year and new ones that happened to arise or that I injected. My stomach is starting to feel the anxiety of wanting to complete too many things. I’m so confused on what to focus on, I end up not doing anything at all.

The Goals & Their Progress

(I’m going to try really hard not to make this a “end-of-year” summary post, since we’re still in November. I mean, who knows — I could suddenly complete everything.)

The goals I had established for this year were:

1.) Work on my website

2.) Work on Kelly’s Journey

3.) Work on Japanese

4.) Take the leadership test at work so I could become CSM

The only one of my goals that have been completed (before my blog entry was even up!) was the leadership test. I also ended up becoming CSM too a few months later, which I thought was going to take me until next year to become, so I’m pretty happy about that.

The rest of the goals aren’t where I was hoping they’d be. However, on the flipside, it’s not like I haven’t done anything with them.

This blog held me back the most when I was working on my website. Once I gave in and used a pre-made layout, I was able to, rather quickly, make progress to the remainder of my website. Progress has slowed down since then, but two out of the three remaining parts of the site are almost fully completed.

My Creative Works website is almost complete. I primarily have to link up all my fanfictions to the Fan Works page, which is time consuming. I have to open each file and create a PDF file, an HTML file, and an EPUB file for each story. I’m also adding headers and footers to all of them. Oh boy. Lots of work!

Kelly’s Journey has been on pause since August, once I lost my steam of writing it. The desire to write it has crept up time and time again to write it, but I keep putting it off out of fear that once I open the document, all my desire to work on it would disappear. I can usually feel when that’s going to happen. I am still in the middle of writing episode 23, for those curious.

Japanese has made the least amount of progress since the year started, but I think I expected that. Unexpectedly, I have worked on Japanese…in quite a chunk too, to my surprise! I worked on a study guide that I started in 2012 that was meant for the JLPT. I finished the particles section, which I’ve been wanting to complete for a while now.

So, overall, not bad progress on the goals of this year, eh? I want to say it’s been my most productive year yet, but it’s too soon to say that.

Injected Work

In addition to my goals, I had other tasks injected into my list. Some of these tasks reminded me that I would trade in having a life to work on things dear to me, while others…well, they make me want to run away and/or stab myself in the solar plexus (not really gonna do that, except with hand motions).

The life-y situations that happened include myself getting a partner, said-partner moving in, and my mom deciding to sell the house, which means we have to scurry to find a place, despite how UNPRODUCTIVE scurrying is.

It’s been an adjustment having someone else live with me so closely. It’s good most days, but it has made me cut down on a lot of what I had been doing (primarily watching TV shows and playing video games). Some people might think that was a good thing, but it’s not great when you want to relieve your stress in the way you know is the best for you and someone’s hogging the TV to play GTA for the billionth time. Harharhar.

I love having him here though. He’s entertaining. He does a great job making me happy when I’m sad. He loves to cuddle (that’s all I’ve wanted from somebody). He’s talented too and makes me laugh.

Anyway, the moving situation is probably the hardest. I’m personally not worried because I know my mind will tell me what to do when the time is right. It’s hard to try and not do something before the right time due to pressure. I think some people would think I’m not taking moving seriously…but it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m not “doing anything” BECAUSE I am serious. If I freak out and try pushing everything, it is GOING to end in disaster…I guarantee it. I need to be calm if I’m to ever figure out where I’m going…right? (I know “freaking out” can help sometimes, but it hasn’t been the type I could use to my advantage.)

On top of this, I also have art commissions.

And I know you all know how I feel about those. (If not, it’s HATE. HATE. HATE. HATE.)

So, my injected work really has been the moving (or rather, living) situation and art commissions. I’ve also had to adjust to my change in living status…oh boy.

The Schedule

As I said, there’s still a month and a half left until the end of the year. To me, that is enough time to do my tasks…as long as I have a guide to follow on what to do and when to do it. Some of this is a matter of priority, but others are what I want to do.

The obvious priorities are my living situation (that has been mostly figured out, I believe, although there are still some huge snags that will be fixed) and art commissions. My goals are important to me though, so those need to be fit in as well.

Trying to figure out when to do something is an issue for me…but I think I’m starting to figure out when I’m most productive on each task. Through the observance of my most productive times, I think I have figured out:

1.) I write much more smoothly during the early morning hours up until about 10 AM. Once 10 AM hits, it becomes harder for me to write something and I want to move onto something else.

2.) The middle of the night is, without a doubt, the best time for me to do my artwork. It doesn’t matter if it’s for me or my commissions, it’s still the best in the middle of the night.

3.) I’m a bit iffy on the website and when I am most productive at it, but I think it’s either the early morning hours like writing or the earlier part of the middle of the night (think 12 AM, 1 AM).

4.) I think I’m productive with Japanese at any point between nighttime and early morning hours. Or that might just be for specific tasks in Japanese (such as note taking). I think I’ll have to get back to the textbook portions to get a better sense though. At least I know I can take notes whenever.

5.) Mid-day (or rather, 11 AM to around 5 PM) sucks. I am going to be waiting for nighttime to fall, I guarantee it. Yes, I wait for nightfall. Not intentionally — it just kind of happens.

This, to me, means that my day should be laid out like this:

– After Work (around midnight, give or take an hour or so) – art commissions

– Mid-Nighttime – website

– Early Morning – Kelly’s Journey (or any writing for that matter)

– Anytime – Japanese

Sleep would fall in the early or late morning hours, depending what time I have to go in.

I think Japanese works well for in-between tasks or to wind down from other tasks. For instance, when I get writing, I have the tendency to keep going for a long time, even if I know I have to go to sleep. Japanese could help me change from that “keep-the-ball-rolling” mode into “let’s wind down” made or something.

Japanese also works well for the “I don’t feel like doing anything else” feelings I get when I spend too much time focused on a task.

Overall, I think this is a good schedule that I should probably get into. Maybe?

The Remaining Task Plan

So, the remaining tasks of the year (minus the life-y stuff) would be: Website, Kelly’s Journey, Japanese, and art commissions. This seems like it could potentially be a lot, but I think I could get them done, as long as what I tell myself to do is reasonable.

For my website, my task would be, well, just to finish it. I just want my main website up and running finally. I’m in the final stretch — I know this. I know this all too well. All the pages are up on both my Creative Works site and my Site site. The only page not completed is the site map, but I need the actual website to be done before I do the site map. I guess I’m not going to feel too bad if I don’t complete the site map…but Creative Works and Site BOTH have to be done. They needed to be as completed as they can be…which is almost their state right now (Creative Works – needs stories linked; Site – …pretty much needs the “updates” written, har har har).

For Kelly’s Journey, I want to just get up to episode 25. I’m on episode 23 right now, so it’s not really that much of a stretch, is it? I’ve done three episodes in almost a month and I’m pretty sure I could do that again. If I could get up to Kelly’s Journey episode 25, it would bring the series up to episode 21 of the animated series (so, “Bye Bye Butterfree”).

For Japanese…well, I’m just going to keep taking notes and finishing that study guide. I honestly thought I would have spent no time with Japanese whatsoever, so taking notes is a pleasant surprise. I think I’m going to start the next section of grammar notes when I get back to it soonish.

Art commissions…I think that one’s obvious enough. I just gotta work on ’em!

Oh…darn. Just remembered I still got a picture to do for a collaboration project…oops…

Okay. I think I’m done now.

I hope I can get a bunch of stuff done this year. I really hope I can.

You guys will know what I have accomplished December 31st/January 1st…hopefully.