[RAMBLES] Deactivating Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook yesterday. I was feeling a mixture of emotions and I was attempting to suppress them. I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and they gave me a fantastic suggestion, in which I decided to not take. Instead, what I decided to do was deactivate my Facebook.

To my friend, in fact, all my friends, NONE of you were the reason I deactivated Facebook!

To tell you the truth, I didn’t really even feel like deactivating my Facebook.

You see, often times when I get depressed, I want to deactivate Facebook. However, I wasn’t depressed. I was feeling a strange mixture of emotions that I wanted to suppress or get rid of. I’m sure in the coming months I will have blog entries related to them (or maybe not). I didn’t really want to deactivate my Facebook…nor did I not want to deactivate my Facebook, so I did.

I didn’t even want to have my Facebook back in the first place. I had brought it back in 2010 because I went on a trip to Japan and had planned to deactivate it shortly after, but never did because people wanted me to stay. I did meet some awesome people too that I wouldn’t have met otherwise thanks to that. However, none of this means I want to keep staying on.

I will come back when I feel like it. When I have something to actually show. Maybe once my website is done, I will come back. Perhaps I won’t. Only time will tell.

So, why DID I deactivate it if I didn’t want to?

I don’t know.

Perhaps it’s some sort of punishment to myself for spending time procrastinating on there when I could be working on other things. Who knows.

I am a bit more productive now that I don’t visit Tumblr or Pinterest!