[RAMBLES] After the Commission Site, Next Is…whaaaat.

During work today, since it was so empty and I really needed to think about something to pass the time, I began trying to think about my website. I was trying to go over in my head what I was planning on doing when I got home from work, but my brain just was not working. It was lagging from overeating during lunch.

Eventually the overeating side effect settled and my brain started to work again. I started to think about the commissions website, but my brain was like, no, don’t think about that. I already know exactly what I still need to do for it – heck, I wrote a nice, long list for it (which, as of typing this, is mostly completed). What more could I think about?

Instead, my brain said “work on the blog site next”.

I stared skeptically through the air, as if I was looking at my brain, wondering “what”.

“Work on the blog site layout next.”

My eyes couldn’t help but narrow at what a part of my brain was telling me. I was going to save that for last because I had to learn something new and it would take the most time!

However, when I thought about it, it made sense – I should work on this blog site next.

I feel like since I have to learn something new, starting it so early is probably a good thing. I have to learn how to code a basic WordPress blog, then I need to go ahead and figure out how to do all the other things I want to do – drop down menus, magazine-style layouts. If I learn it now, so early in the website creation, I won’t feel so pressured to finish it quickly.

Perhaps, a bit more importantly, I have this feeling that my blog will be one of two places on my website that will be visited the most.

The commissions site and this blog, when my website launches, will be the most visited parts of the site. I mean, who cares about my creative works and about the website, right? Let’s just go read the stupid stuff T.K. has to say and order some bad drawings from them!

I’m hoping my Creative Works portion will just be mostly ignored for now until I can start actually releasing stuff…

Anyway, I decided that working on my blog layout should be next. I want more readers anyway, but I don’t really want them until I make the layout the way I want it to be.

I’m pretty excited, but kind of nervous too.

Sadly, I think I need to make some more pictures for this blog…

I want to make some generic banners for different categories. Like, when you see the banner, you know that, hey, that goes in rambles or hey, that goes in blog or something like that. Of course I’ll make some non-generic ones too, but for the most part, I want generic ones that I can somewhat quickly throw up onto here to give each blog entry a featured image.

There’s so much to think about! I’m excited! I hope you guys are too.