Raiiiiiiiiin, you washed away my sorrow and took away my pain at a Madonna Concert

VIP Package GoodiesA couple months ago, my mom told me that we probably wouldn’t be able to go to Madonna’s concert this year. I was perfectly fine with this as I found Madonna’s most recent CD, MDNA, to be utter crap. Then, a couple months later, my mom told me, she booked the MDNA concert with the VIP Party package, like the one we had for the Sticky & Sweet Tour. I wasn’t particularly too happy about this, but I decided I would go because, well, why not. I know I would like the visuals and I was hoping I would like the concert editions of the MDNA songs. I kept complaining up to the day.

September 8th was the day of the concert. I had been up all night (my sleeping schedule was on up-during-the-night-sleep-during-the-day), so I took a nap before we left. While I slept, I had a dream that one of my friends died and I kept on wondering if I should make sure they were really dead or not by calling them while helping our at a clock convention held by a former president’s wife. Yeah, it was a weird dream. I woke up and felt weird after experiencing it and that feeling kept with me throughout the day.

My mom and I left sometime around 3 PM, taking my car up. I was in a really weird mood because of the dream. My mom and I stopped for gas, her running into the gas station to go get snacks. I asked for orange juice, but she got me an orange soda. I asked her why she didn’t get me an orange juice and she told me something along the lines of “I thought that was what you said, but then I asked ‘why would Kelly want orange JUICE'”. Inside, all I could think is because it would taste and be slightly bit healthier. I didn’t want to have orange soda, especially so shortly after I woke up. She also got me Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups, which I didn’t want either.

Anyway, we headed on the road. It was a decent drive until we got to the Bronx, trying to find the parking garage. My mom pulled over and asked for directions from a police officer who jokingly told us that we weren’t lost – we were in the Bronx. He told us how to get to the parking garage we wanted to go to and we arrived. I kept feeling really anxious and was kinda wishing I was the one who drove, not my mom, since my internal GPS is a lot better than her’s. We got out of the car, my mom switched into her Gogo Boots, and we headed down to stand in a small line.

We were probably outside for two minutes when it started to drip rain. It looked like rain all day long, but it really started to rain then. I looked up, kind of getting excited it started to rain.

And then it poured.

With huge drops.

HUGE drops. REALLY huge drops.

They felt like…the size of a quarter.

All of us not in rain gear and not under the roof thing near the entrance got soaked. Some people in front of us ran under the roof area and my mom and I followed. We started talking to them (well, by “we”, I mean my mom). One of them won tickets into the pit and was giving their friend the VIP package they had gotten or something along those lines. They also met some British chick who had been to Madonna concerts like…87 times and it was her 17th time on the MDNA Tour or something. They soon let us inside…in which we had to wait in another line. About an hour later, we finally were able to go to the VIP Party. We received a pretty nice waterproof bag, the concert booklet thing that is really just a bunch of images of Madonna, a poster, a T-Shirt, and I think something else I’m not remembering. I immediately smiled walking in, seeing that they were playing the last tour on various television screens. I was disappointed that they weren’t playing the audio that went with it though, but it’s okay. The songs that were playing were still great.

The food itself wasn’t that good. It was honestly more fun just listening to the music. One of the people from before kind of hung out with me and my mom. We eventually went down to look at the merchandise and my mom and I both had the same reaction – we didn’t want anything. We went back up to the VIP area and relaxed until it was time to go down for the concert.

Well, I say “relaxed”, but I kept on falling deeper into a depression. Nothing seemed to be distracting me from that dream that I had and the feeling of missing my friends. I texted another offline friend of mine and started telling them about the dream. While I was waiting for the replies, my mom could tell that I wasn’t too happy. She kept asking me things related to the concert, but I told her, no. My depression is completely separate from the concert. Then I finally told her – it was because I missed my friends. I wish my exclusive group of friends (meaning a group of friends that none of my other friends are friends with) weren’t only online, but offline I was well. I wondered if I did something wrong a while back, especially since my younger sister has friends who seem to be able to hang out a lot, despite having jobs and going to school. I actually started crying. Some people might want to say something like “well, go out and make more friends”. I want really good friends, not acquaintance friends. Eventually texting two of my friends (one offline, one online) made me feel better and laugh. I really do love all my good friends. I’m still trying to find the right words to describe some of the friendships I have, since they’re more than an acquaintance, but less than a practically-family relationship.

The concert opened up with a DJ playing awesome music that really made me want to get up and dance, but between all the people sitting around me and the bag from the VIP thing, I decided not to. It kept on raining off and on, but mostly on. My mom eventually decided to go and get a certain Madonna sweatshirt, since she was freezing (she was wearing a tank top and a cheerleading skirt). We had to wait over an hour of the opening act playing for Madonna to actually come on. My mom and I were getting restless over waiting, wishing we actually hadn’t gone. It didn’t help either that the stairs of the stage were in our way. We were gonna be angry if we weren’t able to see Madonna in the middle of the stage.

Finally, the show started with “Girl Gone Wild” with extremely impressive visuals (in my opinion) which I’m honestly too lazy to go into. It more or less looked like a church. It made me excited. I was pretty happy too I could still mostly see Madonna, even if part of her body was covered by the stairs in the way. The entire first part of the concert was absolutely FANTASTIC. I particularly enjoyed what she did for “Gang Bang”, with her shooting down pretty much everyone and climbing over things.

I don’t remember which section it was, but when she started singing a ballad version of “Like A Virgin”…I was just like “Um, hurry up”. It was boring. I felt nothing for it.

Erm…there wasn’t really much else I can say. I suddenly realized I could do what she was doing, just on a far smaller scale. Essentially just simulating it. We do have the Internet, after all. I would love to simulate me performing a concert in a packed stadium with a thousands of fans. The ending of the concert, with “Celebration” made me happy. It reminded me of a part of the “Sticky & Sweet Tour”. Also, the video that went along with the beginning of the song totally reminded me of Assassin’s Creed when the worlds are being built inside the Animus and some memory part of Assassin’s Creed Revelations. It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s just something I had to say.

Overall, the concert was pretty good and it kicked me into a Madonna mood for a bit. I realized how ageless she is. I also realized just what I could do myself to make my dreams come true, even if it’s not exactly in the way I originally wanted it.

The drive home was alright. I wish I could’ve taken over the wheel halfway through. My mom was really tired and I felt bad about it.

So…yeah. Um…good show.

Not really much to say about it except our seats weren’t really that good and while I’m happy I went, I still think I could do better.

I’m really conceded and overconfident, aren’t I?