Pointless Goal Post is Not Really That Pointless

I could post this on my Tumblr, but people see it and I probably would hope for some sort of reply that I would never get. On here, however, whether or not I get a reply doesn’t really matter. This is my personal blog, after all. I’m free to ramble about whatever the heck I want, except for the parts that I decided to divide into separate blogs.

I have particular goals I am planning on achieving within a 24 hour period. I’m not saying a “day” though because that makes it sound like it would be within the day to night time, when rather, it’s more like night to day time. Tuesday to Wednesday. That’s why I’m not calling it “goal within a day”. This post is probably pointless to most people, but it’s to hopefully keep me in check. I’ll probably update with status updates on my Twitter, as well as my Written Works (which technically is also a blog for my creative works in general), since all the goals are in relation to that.

So what are the goals of the 24 hour period? 

1.) To crunch in as many words as I possibly can for my novel in an hour. I am EXTREMELY behind, but I don’t feel like pushing myself and shifting my focus to it. I still have commissions I need to finish, after all. If I feel like writing more, then I will write more. If not, then I won’t.

2.) Draw three more pages for that comic commission. I’m making myself only draw 3 per day. It’s paced nicely and doesn’t overload me. I’m already worn out from working on it, so I can only push myself to do 3 per day. Well, maybe 3 and a half. And by half, I mean layout all the panels and draw half of the first one. Then I’ll scan them, fix what I need to in Photoshop to make the lines darker and easier to follow, and send it off to my client.

3.) Draw those last two pictures for my Onlyinadreamshipping set. There’s only two more to go! I think I have ideas that I can manage to do.

4.) Do that redrawing of my Samantha picture.

5.) Draw my top picture for my Tumblr layout, as well as colour it and make the graphic. From there, I can start trying to code my Tumblr layout which is allowed to spill out over the 24 hour block.

And yeah. That’s just for the 24 hour period. Let’s see if I can make it.

I’m going to tell myself I probably can’t and hope reverse psychological does its work.