[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Personal Updates – Sept #1

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

Hello, everybody! How are all of you doing? As you probably have noticed by the title, I have changed “Daily Updates” to “Personal Updates”. This is on the grounds that I don’t really do daily updates (I don’t always do something interesting everyday), but occasional updates. I think personal updates on my life will suffice.

I’m going to start this post of talking about an event that happened only a few hours ago: somebody broke into the house and tried to steal stuff.

The Break-In

I was upstairs in my room, slowly waking up, when I heard the doorbell ring and some banging at the one of the doors This was unusually at my house, since that particular doesn’t open and everybody who knows this house knows to go through the side entrance. I thought maybe it was somebody dropping off a package, but when I looked outside and saw no car…I thought something might have been wrong.

I didn’t answer the door, since I don’t do that unless I’m expecting something. I tried contacting my dad (it’s his house after all) to make sure that he wasn’t expecting anyone. I thought it was still odd though that he wouldn’t inform me like he usual does.

The banging eventually stopped. I thought it might have been safe then, but my gut feeling was telling me whatever was happening wasn’t done yet.

That’s when I heard rummaging downstairs. Lots of things were being shifted around. I texted my boyfriend and my mom that somebody was in the house (as well as my dad, who was not answering at this point), just before calling 911. I thought 911 might have had texting, but I couldn’t remember, so I called them. I really didn’t want the guy to hear me, so I whispered and talked lowly. They sent the police over.

I still was unsure at this point if this was a friend of my dad’s. I doubted it, but I still was hesitant to think a complete stranger was in the house. My hesitations went away when the person came upstairs, using a flashlight to look around. I could see the light shining from underneath my door.

Strangely enough, the guy didn’t even try to jangle my door open. Maybe they heard me at this point, since I had not only gotten dressed, but had grabbed a pair of scissors. I know, I know…scissors probably wouldn’t do much good, but I felt like, just as a precaution, I should have something on me.

The cops came shortly after. I was actually amazed at how fast they came! They also came with two SUVs and some guns, which I felt originally was a bit overdoing it, but I was still thankful.

I watched the cops drive off shortly after, a bit confused. The guy on the phone with me from 911 informed me that they had caught the guy, but to stay inside my room until I was given the okay. A set of cops came back pretty quickly. I was told that I could go downstairs and open the door for them, which I did.

I sat out on the porch, waiting for them to be done. The house was deemed clear. The cops informed me that the guy had been caught, fleeing to the mall right across the street. They also found his vehicle and he had gotten into the house through the bathroom window.

…man, I should have KNOWN it was that dang bathroom window! My dad always leaves it open and I won’t shut it since this is his house, but it never settled with me right, leaving the window open. Needless to say, once that window’s done being used, it’s going to be shut from now on!

As I walked around the house, the first thing I noticed was that there was some pots and pans missing. When I walked into the living room, I saw a reusable bag sitting on the ground with a number of items in it, including my dad’s Dots and toilet paper. (So, basically, the thief was mostly stealing necessities…there’s something to be said about the state of, at least, the United States, that somebody feels the need to steal necessities…)

I talked with one of the cops who said I did everything right and commenting that I was very calm. I honestly had anticipated something like this happening (although, to be honest, on a much larger scale…I’m thankful it was small scale) and I thought the right thing to do was to call 911. He also asked me other questions like did I see the guy (no), what did I hear (rummaging and banging), where I was (up in my bedroom with the lights off and door closed & locked), and commented that it would have been hilarious if the thief had fallen into the pool while trying to escape (I agree).

Eventually a detective came and took pictures of the crime scene areas. The cop brought me around the house to identify anything else that might have been taken, but I couldn’t really identify much (only general areas) because I never go into my dad’s room and I don’t usually see him (he’s always at work or asleep by the time I’m awake/come home).

My dad called me shortly after the cops and detective left and told me he was coming home. When he came home, I greeted him and we walked around the house together. It turns out that the thief stole a bit more than what was in the bag (which had been my dad’s; it seems like the thief had grabbed the bag from my dad’s room when he went upstairs): a few rings and a brand new wallet.

My dad and I both laughed when we saw the packaging for the brand new wallet.

Like, seriously, out of EVERYTHING ELSE in the house (and I mean like, there’s a freakin’ iPad sitting on my dad’s nightstand, a watch on his bureau, and a couple of other items that would have made the thief a pretty penny), the thief stole a brand new wallet!

Oh boy.

My dad is currently at the police station, getting the items back.

My dad made notes too that there are some things that about some of the drawers in the house that look weird, but they have looked weird for a while. We now wonder if this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Today’s experience was an interesting one, to say the least. I was a bit worried something might happen to me, but there was also this sense that I was safe. Well, as safe as you can be in this sort of situation. It also makes me think of what precautions we could have taken to prevent this…such as CLOSING THAT DANG BATHROOM WINDOW.

Overall though, I am okay and it seems like everything is okay.

Enough about that though, let’s talk about some happier things!

The Previous Days

Let me just start with that I have gotten hired at Staples!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I start very soon. I’m looking forward to starting.

All my day’s so far have been spent with Hurricane and Daniel, as usual. I sometimes want to take a “day off” from spending time with them and spend time by myself, working on my own projects, but I can’t do that quite yet. I’ll admit I’m excited about my projects and would love to work on them, but I do have a concern about Hurricane for numerous reasons, so I make sure to spend time with him.

We’ve mostly went out to eat or ordered food to bring back, although there was one day that Daniel’s mother had awesomely cooked spaghetti made of spinach with veggie grounds, diced tomatoes, onions, and garlic. It was YUMMY! That was probably my favourite meal of the week.

On September 3rd or 4th, Daniel, Hurricane, and I all used my dad’s pool. Hurricane has been begging to use it all summer and I finally decided to cave. I haven’t swam since, maybe, early middle school at the latest. Daniel and Hurricane both hadn’t swam for the past few years. We had to stop by Sears for Daniel to get a bathing suit, only to have the strings snap on him.

I must say, the pool was SO MUCH FUN, despite how dirty it was! There was a lot of bugs and leaves in it (well, more than we desired), but it still was a ton of fun! We swam around for quite a bit, just before we started using our water guns. It was stupidly fun shooting at each other, although we couldn’t see.

The pool was really refreshing and relaxing and I personally can’t wait to jump back in it! I kind of remember how to swim. I’m sure Hurricane will be trying to teach me sometime in the future.

When we first got into the pool, Daniel and I had decided to let Hurricane be the first one to jump in because he had been begging to go in all summer. Of course, Hurricane comes back outside and puts a food into the pool and starts to complain it’s freezing. Daniel, Hurricane, and I all sat on the edge of the pool. The boys completely hesitated to jump in, while I slowly lowered myself. Hurricane complained the most out of all of us, pretty much trying to chicken out of going into the pool. I tried to get everyone to get in on the count of three, but I could already tell that they weren’t going to go into the pool with me after the count of three. We counted a couple more times before I said, screw it, let me be the first one to go in!

I went in and it was FREEZING! Of course, my body soon adjusted and I was swimming along, having fun.

After we did water guns and swam around for a while, Daniel got out of the pool. Hurricane and I stayed in for a half hour longer. Daniel took pictures while Hurricane and I swam around and played with water guns. There was one point where Hurricane had taken both my big water gun and my small one, so I took both his and Daniel’s big water guns and shot him with them. That was STUPIDLY fun!

Hurricane and I, all this week, have been playing Back to the Future: The Game by Telltale Games. We had played the first game on the Playstation 3, but I bought the computer version a couple months back. The games are EXCELLENT! It’s like watching Back to the Future parts 4 and 5! We’re still not done yet (one more episode to go), but I’m so looking forward to it!!

Man, I can’t wait until I’m out of this transition period I’m in now. I’m excited to move onto the future!

I’m currently debating if I go out today or not. I’m leaning towards not, although I know Hurricane totally wants to see and spend time with me. I want to too.