[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Updates #9 & #10

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

I forgot to write an update yesterday. Kind of. I mean, I suppose I remembered, but I decided…meh, let me write it later. Might as well combine the two days. I DID say I was okay with near-daily updates…right? Did I? If I didn’t, I meant to say they are okay. They’re NOT my aim (my aim is to write a blog entry everyday), but if I end up missing a day for one reason or another, that’s okay.

Now to try and remember the 28th. That’s a bit of a challenge. My recollection of events is pretty null. I’m going to do my best to remember.

I don’t think I did anything before work. I think it was pretty much just sleeping up until the point I actually had to get ready. I played a short bit of Super Pokémon Scramble and headed off to work. Work was pretty lax that day, so it was pretty boring. I kept my eye on the clock a majority of the time, since I had a short day and was super excited that I had the next day off. I felt much happier and lighter than I had been. The reason why? I don’t know. I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s playing a video game? 

Before I left work, I bought a small, cheap composition notebook that I am affectionately calling the “SH*T TO DO BOOK” in which I write things I both have to do and want to do. I mostly got it because I remembered that I seem to be forgetting about commissions a lot lately and when I zoom through my list of them in my head, I barely remember them. I also just like to have a written list somewhere that I can cross things off on. I really like the look of things being crossed off when completed.

When I got back home, I intended to make my chili, only to realize I had no tomato sauce left to make it with. There was also not a significant amount of beans in the house for me to add to my chili. I thought about driving to the Walmart down the street to pick up the ingredients I lacked, but decided against it because I was tired. Instead, I just made another bowl of whole grain pasta, thankful that I had bought another box the night before. The pasta was delicious, but I really hope to make my sauce soon.

I played some Super Pokémon Scramble again, I’m pretty sure. I think somewhere too, I read Black Bird, which is a manga about this girl who can see monsters and she’s now a target of them because of her special ability…which I just realize sounds a lot cooler than the manga actually is. Maybe it’s the romance aspect that kills it. I don’t know.

Oh, maybe not.

Actually, now that I think about it, I went to bed pretty early last night, I’m pretty sure.

I remember waking up a few hours later, wondering what time it is, but then realizing I could go back to sleep since the sun wasn’t even up. Eventually I woke back up after 10 o’clock and began my day, starting with laundry that I needed to get done for about two weeks now, but I was too lazy. I had almost no clothes to wear, except for a polo shirt that was already ripped underneath the sleeves.

While I was waiting for the laundry to be completed, I began to go over my day in my head. First I had to head to the bank, then I had to go and see honey bee. Those were the top two things I wanted to do and I was going to DO THEM, DANG IT! The bank was kind of super important to me, since the money I was depositing not only has been sitting in my room for quite a long time, but I also needed a majority of it for this week, since my paycheck is too low (to the point I don’t even think I could have paid for gas in my car). I’m SO thankful I had/have this extra money! I’m saving a good chunk of it, but it’s also helping me stretch my paycheck just a tiny bit more this particular week.

I sat at my computer figuring all this stuff out, when I started noticing ants. Lots of ants. Usually I see maybe two of them, but I saw three. Then four. And then five. It was SUPER GROSS. I’m pretty sure some of it was my fault; I wouldn’t be surprised if some flakes of Parmesan cheese had fallen to the ground without me realizing it. The three cans of soda I had sitting on my tablet table also had a curious number of ants coming out of it (why it didn’t occur to me that those would attract ants, I have no idea; I have a really bad habit of accumulating recyclables until they start to invade my space too much, then I put them outside to recycle). The ants crawled all over my tablet table and I was SUPER upset. I have NOT seen this many ants in YEARS.

When I told my mom about it, she informed me that whenever she had seen some ants in the house, she used to spray immediately. If I miss living with her for any reason, it’s because of that.

Ants also are among the reason why I wish I lived in an eternal winter. I hate summer. Fall and spring are kind of okay, but I LOVE winter because bugs suddenly become non-existent practically here. It’s soooo nice.

I prematurely stopped my laundry today, since I felt like it was taking too long and I still had to shower and go to the bank. I dragged the laundry upstairs, still vaguely wet, and promptly put it away. I let the socks and some of my jeans stay laying in/on the basket to dry more thoroughly. I figured the other stuff would be fine where I put it away. I decided, because the shirts were damp, I was just going to deal with the ripped shirt. I mean, it’s only the sleeves underneath. That’s still wearable, right? …right…?

I went to the bank and deposited my money, then afterward changed both my address and phone number. I sent Hurricane a screenshot of my bank account, since he frequently worries about me and money, just to show him what I now had. He responded back to me that I had cheered him up with that screenshot. He got really excited that we could buy a house now, but I reminded him we still have a LONG ways to go.

Oh yeah. He had dropped me a text right when I parked at the bank, telling me to go to his friends house. I just kind of rolled my eyes and smiled, texting him back about what I had to do first.

…I should probably note this way maybe around like..3 PM at the point?

After the bank, I headed to see honey bee and our friend. I was super hungry at this point, as I hadn’t eaten anything yet. We played video games for a bit and kind of debated of whether or not we should leave to go to dinner or if we should stay and continue playing. When our friend’s parents came home, we finally made a decision — we were going out to eat and it was only going to be the three of us. We had two choices: Chipotle and Papa Gino’s.

Hurricane was the one who made the final decision to go to Papa Gino’s, which is GREAT because I have been craving pizza non-stop the past few days. I think it’s the oils restaurants use on pizza that I’m actually craving though, instead of the actual pizza, but that’s kind of another story I would think.

Anyway, we arrived at Papa Gino’s happy to go on this particular day, since it’s the last day of the week that they have All-You-Can-Eat for $5.99 per person. Hurricane loved to mention how when he was little, they used to have All-You-Can-Eat Tuesdays and it made him excited they brought them back (although, now it’s Sunday through Wednesday for that). I was pretty excited too because $6 per person is CHEAP! Well, cheap as long as you take advantage of what it is.

I was a bit sad I could only get either a cheese slice or a pepperoni slice (I got cheese, obviously) or pasta marinara, especially since I usually get a cheese pizza with peppers and onions, but…hey. I got to eat as much pizza as I wanted!

When we went to order, Hurricane seemed to have forgotten that it was All-You-Can-Eat and made a comment of surprise when he was reminded of it. I can’t even remember what he said at this point, but the lady at the cash register laughed and said it was “the best reaction she had seen all day”. His face really lit up when he remembered he could eat pizza endlessly if he really wanted to.

Once the total came up, he gave me a very nervous look about money, trying to remind me to save money. I gave him a “uh, really” annoyed look, pointing out that our meal was about $10 less than what we normally get. And we get an unlimited supply of pizza for our time there. That’s a really good deal. He gave me an “oh…”.

I flew through both my first two slices of pizza REALLY fast, as well as through my drink. I knew I was super hungry, but I didn’t realize I was also super thirsty (or maybe I was actually just super thirsty in the first place?). I quickly went up for more, beating Hurricane out of several slices.

During one of the times we went up, he found out that they also served pasta marinara unlimited. He became really confused with a smile, as if somebody was giving him a bunch of grand prizes and he had to choose on to take now, although he could get them all at a later date. His reaction was UTTERLY ADORABLE, but…oh my gosh, I felt bad for the workers because honey bee just could not make up his mind and seemed to be overwhelmed by the fact he had three choices for food. He eventually chose to have both pizza and pasta. He kept pronouncing penne as “pini”. It was cute.

He’s just cute.


Just aaaah.

During our time at Papa Gino’s, and from when we were heading there, we were talking a lot about video games. The friend and I were mostly having the conversation, since a lot of times, Hurricane focuses on complaining about video game series, instead of having a conversation about them. The friend and I were talking about Pokkén Tournament, which is going to have a test release in the US soon. I decided to link Hurricane into the conversation so he didn’t feel left out. He seemed a bit confused at first, but then when we started explaining the game to him, he said he hadn’t heard of it and that it was going to suck. We decided to show him a video of it when we got to Papa Gino’s, in which he took back his statement and said that the main series games of Pokémon need to be more like Pokkén Tournament.

Cue a sigh.

I love him though, I really do.

We headed back to our friend’s house, where we mostly hung around. Hurricane and the friend pretty much played video games, while I looked at my phone, just trying to get some future project ideas because those are always fun to think about! Of course, Hurricane was sad that I wasn’t watching (since 1.) he likes attention and 2.) it’s a way for me to participate in the whole playing video games thing). However, I was feeling really down at this point. Not even playing a round of Hyrule Warriors helped.

Why was I down? I’m not quite sure, but I suspect it entirely had to do with the fact I had a lot of responsible stuff planned for the day, but nope, I was sitting here, not really doing anything. And no, video games aren’t doing something if they’re not providing me stress-relief or entertainment, which they weren’t at the time.

I had wanted to go to the store to pick up my missing ingredients. I wanted to go home and put in my money transfers for a budgeting plan I’m doing (I’m thinking about writing about it later if I find out it works for me; it’s brand new and I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet). I wanted to clean my room. I want to kick back and play more Super Pokémon Scramble. I may even had wanted to do some reading. Heck, I wanted to write about yesterday here on this blog!

But, nope. I was over a friends house, with my adorable boyfriend, just watching them play video games and just feeling really down. This, of course, dragged my boyfriend down too. After going back and forth a bit, we both felt better.

I think if it was just me and him, snuggling, we would have been fine. I like playing video games and all, but I’m sick of doing that frequently. I’m someone who likes to play them every couple of months. On top of that, I prefer playing alone and I prefer choosing what I play. Like how I wanted to just play Super Pokémon Scramble if I wasn’t actually going to do anything today.

I was happier towards the end of the visit, but Hurricane and I had to leave since his friend had work super early tomorrow. Hurricane and I spent a good half hour or so just sitting in my car and talking. I felt bad for rushing him back to his “jail cell”, but I really wanted to get to Walmart before they closed so I could actually make my chili tonight. The onions might last a while, but the peppers weren’t going to.

I managed to make it to Walmart with enough time to get myself tomato sauce (I bought three cans), water jugs, and a cake pan.

Yes, a cake pan.

There’s a bunch of baked good mixes from where I used to live in the cabinets here now and I personally would like to bake ’em. Except my dad doesn’t have a cake pan. So I got him one for like…$7. And it comes with a lid, so hopefully those pesky ant friends of his doesn’t touch it!



OH, I also bought beans.

I got rung out pretty quickly. I had a conversation briefly about the Walmart where I currently work, what position I am in (Customer Service Manager), why I didn’t transfer to that Walmart, why there’s no 24 hour Walmarts in this entire state, and just…Walmarty stuff. I felt bad for the customers waiting for the cashier, since he was so excited to talk to me. He gave me a high-five as I left.

I think that guy’s gonna end up as a CSM at some point. I actually thought he already was until I noticed his name tag.

I came back home and made my chili shortly after bringing in all my bags. I realized I didn’t have any corn, but that’s okay with me. Onions, peppers, and beans make up the basis of my chilis anyway. Next time I’ll have to remember the corn. Maybe a few other vegetables too would be nice.

(And I just thought I saw an ant crawl behind my keyboard; false alarm)

After I made my chili, I did all the dishes in the sink. I also nearly vomited from the pungent smell of fish coming from the sink. I had to stay back a good distance until I cleaned a majority of the dishes. Even then, the smell was still there.

I did end up forgetting three dishes, but I’m just going to wash them later today.

Other than that, I came back upstairs, made some notes about what I had to do tomorrow, and played a lot of Super Pokémon Scramble, which has clearly become my video game of choice for this week over Watch_Dogs. That’s probably a good thing though because my love for Japanese is coming back…I think. I don’t know. Seeing the Japanese is just so familiar and relaxing to read. I LOVE it!

I put down Super Pokémon Scramble though because I felt like writing this blog entry. Can’t delay it another day!

I have noticed that other than the down points I had today, I am starting to feel a lot better. On top of that, despite my ongoing tiredness, I am super excited for August 1st to come.

…I still can’t believe July’s pretty much over. Only two days left. Or a day…


I can’t wait!

What will August bring? I have no idea.

All I know is I’m excited to actually do stuff that’s not just hangin’ around.

So, hopefully that’s not what I’ll do. I hope I’ll be super productive instead…

Hahahahahaha, yeah right. I doubt it. Maybe not though. I don’t know.

August, here we COME! (So I say a day early, harharharhar)