[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Christmas Eve & Christmas Day & Beyond

As I normally do with special days of the year, I intended to write about this much earlier, but had swiftly failed to do so because of other things.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were minorly eventful in not such great ways. While there were certainly great or good things about the day, there were still some smallish issues.

Good Thing: I made sure to make the food for our Christmas Eve dinner ahead of time! The foods that had/could be refrigerated (i.e. potato salad and peanut butter squares) were made in the early-early AM (like 2 AM). The remainder of the foods were cooked gradually throughout the day, timing our main meal of cheese ravioli just a few minutes after our designated time of 7 PM!

Bad Thing:  The toilet got flooded and clogged, not just once, but twice on Christmas Eve. The first was in the morning right before I was going to cook. The second time later in the day right when Hurricane was going to help me with cleaning.

Good Thing: Hurricane got me a present, which was a semi-surprise! I thought he got me one, but he didn’t say anything. The present ended up being the ADORABLE Wind Waker Link nendroid!!! It was something he has been wanting to get me for the longest time.


Bad Thing: I woke Hurricane up from sleeping because I thought I was going to cry cleaning the bathroom by myself; I would have let him sleep in otherwise so I could cook without interruption!

Good Thing: Hurricane like the present I bought him!


Good Thing: I loved all the presents my mom got me!!

Bad Thing: I didn’t get enough iTunes gift cards to quench my desire for more manga from Viz Media (harharhar, I’m being kind of facetious here).

Good Thing: Despite anxiety off and on all day long, I managed to begin pencil lining artwork!

Bad Thing: I felt obligated to go to bed early because we had to go on a small trip Christmas Day, so I didn’t get to do too many pictures…

Good Thing: Hurricane got off his phone while we were eating dinner and opening presents.

Bad Thing: Hurricane probably spent more time chatting with Daniel on the phone than spending any time with me! Ha…ha…ha…(to be fair though, he wanted to have a big Christmas Eve and I was like “NO, just us”…)

Good Thing: Mom went on a trip, so it was just Hurricane and I! So AWESOME!

And that was my Christmas Eve. I had a few things planned, but only the dinner and present opening panned out. Everything else…not so much. That’s okay though. Since Hurricane was too busy spending more time with Daniel on his phone (I’m poking fun of him here, by the way, not really too annoyed/mad), I took the opportunity to get to work! I didn’t get as far as I wanted to, but that’s…actually, that’s not really okay.

Christmas Day pretty much went the same way as Christmas Eve. In fact, the day started out far more awful. Christmas Eve was just a couple of bad things throughout the day that really just made us kind of annoyed, but laughing by the end of it. Christmas Day, however, not so much.

Bad Thing: We wanted to head up towards my dad’s & our friend’s house by 9 or 10. We wound up going to bed at 3 AM that day and I slept horribly.

Bad Thing: I did not want to get up and drive up 2 hours to go see my dad’s side of the family or visit our friend. I was cranky.

Bad Thing: I didn’t get to work more on my work, which resulted in me being more cranky than usual.

Bad Thing: Stupid cats vomited in my SHOES. THEY VOMITED IN MY SHOE. And Hurricane tried to avoid tell me that directly, which resulted in me crying because I was already frustrated.

Bad Thing: Hurricane got mad at me because I was throwing my tantrums again. I was more controlled than usual, but that didn’t stop from me being flaky.

Good Thing: We resolved our issues.

Good Thing: Despite our late start, we got to my paternal grandparent’s house ahead of almost everyone.

Bad Thing: I couldn’t remember most people; if I could remember them, I could not match names to them.

Bad Thing: Hurricane and I felt awkward. The only person we were actually familiar-familiar with was my dad.


Good Thing: My Auntie Kathy said it was a great surprise that I was there!

Dumb Thing: My dad’s weird habit of calling a significant other a friend came out…oh dad, why do you do that? He did that with his own girlfriend too!

Bad Thing: My car wouldn’t start when we tried to leave!

Weird Thing: When my dad came out to check it, my car finally started. Stupid car. Thank you though for being helpful!

Good Thing: We got to our friends house in a timely manner.

Good Thing: We had cookies and they were AMAZING. Super buttery!!!

Good Thing: We had fun!!!

It was one of those “day started out blah but ended good” kind of days.

I’m starting to lean towards not really celebrating Christmas anymore anyway and these two really iffy days were just nice reminders of that. I mean, okay, so they weren’t horrible days or anything. Just…not good days.

The following days were better. I was able to work on stuff. A friend came over to help me, then proceeded to entertain Hurricane, which is totally fine because either way it still helps me. There’s just a lot of pretty good stuff that came after that.

The only snag we hit recently was last night/this early morning thanks to a miscommunication, where we both were at fault. Oops. It seems like that’s mostly resolved though.

I think right now, my majour concern is getting everything for the convention done in a timely manner. Will it get done in time? I can only hope!