[PERSONAL | MY BLOG] Daily Updates #27, #28, #29, #30

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.






Let me attempt to recount these past few days. As you probably know right now, my memory has been awful (I blame tiredness) and I can’t remember details of anything past the day I just had. Or, at least, not as much as I actually want to.

What I actually can remember of the past few days are pretty blurred together. I wasn’t really caring much about anything initially, but then I decided that I wanted more money and I should just be a bit more adamant about the micro-jobs I’m trying to do. Even if they only bring in pocket change, that pocket change may be the difference between me getting a full tank of gas or 4/5ths full tank! I also decided I really need to work on commissions, so I went ahead and worked on the line art for one of my VIP clients. It felt a lot smoother to do than I remember. Is my brain finally processing what I want it to? Is it FINALLY learning that I want to take commissions seriously?!

I don’t know. It’d be cool if it did.

I don’t really want to pursue more clients anyway until I not only finish with my current clients, but until I can start completing them in a timely manner. If I can just PROVE to myself that I can definitely finish these commissions within two weeks, I would be golden!!

I got to hang out with Hurricane these past couple of days and it has been nice, except for August 18th. I had a bunch of…um…errands to run that forced me to be in the car LITERALLY all day. He really wanted to come with me and I agreed, even though I thought he wouldn’t like it. He was MISERABLE the entire time and I ended up skipping out on one of my errands due to a nice mixture of no parking and him being miserable. I was able to cheer him up though by spending an hour with him at his house, playing a couple rounds of Hyrule Warriors. His smile was BEAUTIFUL.

Today, I attempted to wake up early, but was super tired. Hurricane’s mother wanted us to spend the day together again and I was thinking, yeah, maybe, but I personally delayed it because I was TIRED. On top of that, I literally spent ALL of yesterday driving around! I eventually got up though and went to his house.

I texted him and he informed me his mother was bothering him. Eventually, she went out onto the deck to greet me and asked why I wasn’t coming in. I couldn’t go into the building because it was locked, so she came down to open it for me. I was wearing a t-shirt with a button up shirt. She told me I should take off my button-up because it was hot, but I declined…I honestly wasn’t that hot.

I walked upstairs, briefly greeting Hurricane’s father who was just laying on the couch, and knocked on Hurricane’s door. He opened it looking angry and was shoving a taco in his face. He urged me to get going. I didn’t really know where we were going to go (I suspected our friend’s house). On top of that, his mother was going to take us so she could go buy me socks, which I would have been happy to get because a bunch of my socks have holes in them.

She asked me on the way out where we’re going and I told her I don’t know — I’m just following him. Hurricane texted me while I was talking about her about the original plans of the day, urging me to get downstairs.

We walked to my car and he told me what was bothering him. He finished his taco, walked it back inside, and then we got in my car and drove off to our friend’s house.

We arrived to no one home. Hurricane and I exchanged looks, Hurricane looking a bit in thought. He then mentioned about how our friend’s family was out at work and our friend (oh well, might as well call him Daniel; I’ve called him that before and it’ll just be easier to say his name) was on the bus, on his way back home. We discussed what to do, when we decided that, hey, why not go to Burger King and get something to eat?

We took a walk down and went inside. I decided to get something a bit different this time — a veggie burger.

Yes, Burger King has a veggie burger! Okay, it’s cooked in the microwave, but still…I get to have something that isn’t appetizer food! I ordered their whopper with the veggie patty. Hurricane got half of his usual for his order, since he wasn’t particularly hungry. He normally gets two cheeseburgers, but since he was kind of full, he opted for one.

We sat down in the spot we first hung out at, like we usually do when we go to Burger King.

Kind of off topic, but it’s kind of a funny feeling, remembering how at one point, the Burger King was NEW to me. The location was a place unfamiliar to me, surrounded by more unfamiliar places. However, for Hurricane and Daniel, they grew up there. They were familiar with everything and everywhere. They knew of Burger King’s location. They knew of independent restaurants. They knew everything of the area because they grew up there. It’s also kind of a funny feeling realizing that I’m now pretty familiar with the area myself.

Anyway, we ate the food. I thought the veggie burger was pretty good, but I totally didn’t realize that there wasn’t any cheese (oops, silly me for not checking that). Hurricane’s been urging me to ask for a veggie burger there for a while and I knew I was personally curious about it, so I’m glad I took a chance this time to get it!

After we were done, we walked back to Daniel’s and hung out there until Daniel came home. Daniel was all set to bring us inside…until he realized he lost his house key. After joking about losing it. I guess he normally stuffs it in his wallet (which is all ripped and tattered), but it wasn’t there this time. It wasn’t in any of his pockets. It supposedly wasn’t in his backpack (he didn’t check).

Unsure what to do, Daniel attempted to ask the neighbors to let him in through the basement (the house he lives in is a duplex with a shared basement). Unfortunately, the neighbors weren’t home. He eventually called his mother, who informed him one of the other doors to the house were opened. Daniel went ahead in that way and opened the front door for us.

We sat down and discussed what we were doing. Hurricane was adamant about recording a video and kept inviting me to join, not wanting to leave me out. I kept saying no, since I really wanted to work on my comic storyboards I’ve been working on, but after I told him he had to make out with me and he did, I went and recorded with them.

Well, sort of.

I mostly sat there humming the boss battle music from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask while drawing a picture for that particular video. Hurricane and Daniel decided to play the 3DS version of that game, mainly to help continue Hurricane’s Let’s Play of it.

Probably not even 10 minutes into the video, Hurricane handed the controller over to Daniel out of frustration. I actually think this was perhaps the most casual episode of Majora’s Mask 3D by him yet. I felt it wasn’t up to the standards of his usual video, but that’s okay. He usually doesn’t give up that easily (well, sort of; he like, gives up, but then tries again after refusing to try again for a while).

He ended up snuggling after I was done drawing.

Once the Majora’s Mask 3D recording session was done, I voluntarily headed out to the living room to sit down and work on my storyboards. I got, maybe like, 18 pages storyboarded before Daniel’s parents came home. I became too conscious of them and lost my focus on the storyboards.

When Hurricane and Daniel came out of the room (they had been recording Retro Fridays), we all discussed dinner. We kept jumping back and forth about where to go and eventually decided on Panera.

Panera was delicious! I hadn’t been there in a while and it tasted so good to have their creamy tomato soup! Their flatbread tomato mozzarella was okay, but they put too much basil on mine (at least it was super fresh) and not enough tomatoes or mozzarella. I actually genuinely miss their tomato basil panini, but the flatbread is fine too. I think I mostly wish Panera allowed customization to their sandwiches — let me get my dang tomato & basil panini, dang it!

I found out Hurricane didn’t get anything, which made me sad. He unfortunately didn’t want to try anything that was currently on the menu (although he did try a piece of Daniel’s tortellini). I’m pretty sure a large reason for that though was because he was down.

After we finished eating, we went over to Five Guys (it’s in the same plaza) and he got food from there. He wore a smile on his face!

When we got back to Daniel’s, we sat in the kitchen while Hurricane ate. I think we just talked about random stuff and watched videos and I rambled about some ideas I had for comics. When Hurricane finished eating, they retreated to Daniel’s room to play more video games. I opted out and decided to continue on my comic storyboards!

As I was working on my storyboards, I began to feel a bit more free. I felt more motivated. It was such a wonderful, nice feeling! A feeling I have been longing for since the beginning of the year. I could feel myself getting into some sort of flow, to the point where I was becoming an idea generator. I had to stop myself though a couple times because I really needed to focus on this comic first!

While I was working on the storyboard, I received a call. I wasn’t sure who it was from, but to my surprise, it was Subway, calling about a potential job interview! Of course I took it because, hey, why not. They scheduled me for a bit later this week, but called me back a few minutes later to tell me to come in earlier.

I got back to storyboarding and hit a point where I felt very motivated. I wanted to head home and work on the storyboard! I wanted to go work on commissions! I wanted to head back so I didn’t lose the feeling! Even more over, I wanted to pace around and think, daydreaming about my potential, future ideas. I didn’t want to do that at Daniel’s though.

Daniel’s mother went to Daniel’s room, asking Daniel and Hurricane to come see a video out in the living room about Jack Benny. They finished up their game first, while Daniel’s mother set up the video. She invited me to the living room and we watched some of the footage. I knew just from the fact I was about to watch some movies that my motivation was about to go down, if not be killed. I really just wanted to go home and work.

We watched movies for the last hour we were there. Hurricane and I then left. I was really sad we didn’t get to spend more time together. I know I’ll be able to see him again soon, so I’m happy about that.

I then came home, kind of just…screwed around on the internet before sitting down and working on my dang storyboards! I took a quick break to dance a bit because I was on the verge of becoming antsy. After that, I returned to it and FINISHED THE STORYBOARDS.



My comic, if I don’t adjust/add/remove anything, should be 63 pages.

Like, HO DANG.


That’s a lot!

Can I do it?

CAN. I. DO. IT?!

If I can, then I’m sure it’ll be a good breaking point for me!

I’m actually super excited about it!

And that’s where I am ending this.

Today was a good day, for the most part. I’m happy!