Oh my god, I hate attic stairs. Hate. Hate. Haaaateeeee.

Seriously, I really do.

I can’t find this little notebook I wanna write in, so I pulled down the attic stairs to check if it was up there, but it really didn’t look like it. I refused to step all the way up in the attic, because otherwise I would end up stressing about which way I should go down. I always feel like the stairs are gonna snap and I’m gonna fall or something.

Didn’t they use to build houses with stairwells to the attic? Seriously, if I ever have a house of my own, I’m gonna just have a stair well leading up to the attic.

This is a pretty pointless post. ’cause — oh, hey. I just got an idea. Maybe I should start a new blog about my Japanese learning. Maybe. That’d be cool.

But yeah. This is a pretty pointless post.

I just felt like expressing my hatred towards attic stairs.