Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 4 – AJKSHFJAHFJNHEWJFBWE I’M ALMOST DONE.


I know I keep on saying “oh, I’m almost done”.

But I know this time that I am almost done!

I’m so full of energy and excitement over it! I don’t know how many words it is right. Probably somewhere around 115,000 words, most likely and over 220. I haven’t checked the word count yet. I plan on doing that once I finish it.

I worked so dang long on this crappy novel, I’m VERY excited to finish it!

I predict if I were to work on it for about 9 hours straight, I would finish it. It’s that close that I can approximate a time.

Once it’s done, I’ll make a cover and get a physical copy of the manuscript printed from CreateSpace. I’m a bit scared they’ll reject it though due to content.

Alex and Chris split up, but now are reunited and it’s so wonderful~~~ <3<3<3

And Michael has become a bigger supporting character in LMS. I’m glad I like his character.


I’m super excited about thiiiisss~~~~ <3<3<3

After I get myself another water, I’m definitely gonna hop into bed and start writing it again.

…maybe. >_>

I can’t wait to finish it.

I’m gonna end up writing a few side stories after I finish it, just because there’s a couple I want to do that take place after the main story.


EXCITED!!!! *w*

Gonna get a lot farther tonight no matter what. Gotta finish it before the end of this month~