Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 3

I probably wouldn’t really be making an update right now if it was for me announcing that LOVE ME SOFTLY IS AT 100,771 WORDS AS OF TYPING THIS AND IS AT 200 PAGES. Size 12, Times New Roman font, single spaced. Just to give you an idea.


I never knew I could write so much for a single story!

Granted it’s mostly crap and I’m not looking forward to rereading it for editing and writing the Alex Version, but MEH.

I started working on it the other day. Can’t remember why. I just did. I’m so happy I got further! ;w;

I’m hoping Chris seems more like he’s “slipping” in these parts. And by slipping, I mean he’s accidentally being lovey-dovey to Alex despite Alex doesn’t know he’s in love with him.

So happy at how far this is gotten.

I know I have to finish LMS before the end of June, the Chris Version. Then I’m not sure if I wanna attempt to write the Alex version or let myself rest. Or alternately get all my stupid short stories out of the way. I have so many of those to write. But I’m getting off topic.

I’m kind of glad LMS is going to be the first novel I finish. I would rather have the first novel I finish to be extremely crappy and not publish it than have the first novel I finish be extremely crappy with plans to publish it.

That’s kind of why I almost want to write Alex’s version.

It would allow for a second novel, technically.

Of course, if it goes on past November, I’m not gonna be too happy since that’s when I plan on writing one of my books…the first draft anyway. And prep it for the next year or two.



Bed. Now. Bye~