Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 2

I hope it is obvious, but I have procrastinated.

I have procrastinated on a lot of things, LIKE FINISHING TAKING MY JAPANESE NOTES. Which I shall do on February 1st since I really, really should get that done.

Of course, this blog isn’t for telling you people what I should be doing on something that isn’t related to my stories or any sort of creative writing. My Twitter or my Tumblr is more of where I should ramble about that stuff.

I would have to say despite my procrastination on Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~, I feel that I could actually finish the first draft by February 1st. Of course, that’s only if I actually work on it and not dilly-dally like I like to do.

There’s one reason why I believe that I could finish it before February 1st if I don’t procrastinate and that is simply because I’m almost to the major “turning” point to the story. There’s an event that happens on Valentines Day that quickly moves the story towards its ending. I’m almost there. ALMOST THERE. I literally just have to finish up this part about Chris going to play basketball and then I can do the Valentines Day one.

According to word count, I’m over 75,000 words. I’m sure I’m only within 74,000, but hey, I’ll lie to myself and listen to my faulty word counter. Either way, the story has a lot more words than I ever thought I could write.

Not much has really gone on – there was studying for midterms, which are now over within the story (the midterms, I mean) and Chris’s friend, Michael invited Chris to play in a basketball game.

…also, I’m pretty sure Michael has a suspicion (or at least thought of it) about Alex and Chris being together. Of course, he just kind of…shoos it away.

AS YOU CAN SEE (omg I’m giving you guys a preview):

Michael’s eyes bore into Chris like a scientist carefully watching their subject. Chris could feel himself being suffocated by the curious gaze. “…hey Chris, are you an Alex by any chance…” The childhood friend fell silent, blinking a few times.

Chris froze. “Are Alex and I what?”

“No, never mind.” Michael waved his hand as if to rub away the thought. “It’s a stupid idea. Just forget I said anything.”


Oh man.

I hope when someone reads this novel, they count how many times the word “fuck” or “fucking” is said. Chris just spits out that word like it’s nothing. FFFF.

But yeah.

I think that’s all I can really update you on.

I’m going to be writing more shortly after I post this and write until an hour later (or more than that if I feel like it).


I sure hope so.

I’ll update you then~