Lesson 7 is DONE…and some plan changes. Again.

Tabbed Notebook

I also tabbed my notebook. It's now easier to find everything!

I finally finished lesson 7! YAY! I finished a bit later, but to be fair, I didn’t do Japanese everyday, so I technically finished within the amount of time I was planning for me to finish it in. So, um, go me?

I’m very happy to say that my plan worked out pretty fantastic:
– Spent one day reading the entire chapter
– Spent the next day copying down the vocabulary and kanji
– Spent three days flashcarding the vocabulary
– Spent a day copying down the grammar and expression notes
– Spent a day doing the textbook lesson practices
– Spent a day doing the workbook
– Spent a day doing the kanji portion of the textbook and workbook

I seem to be retaining the information better in the long run, so I’m going to continue doing that. I feel super confident in starting lesson 8 as well, that I’ll have a good grasp on it. Lesson 8 will be the REAL test, since before I shelved Japanese temporarily last year, I had started lesson 7. Lesson 8 is pretty much all new to me, other than me skimming over it excitedly because it involves the short forms of words. I think I’m going to add in reviewing the lesson’s taught kanji as well, for the sake of pulling things from memory. That’s the only adjustment I’ll make to my plan. I’ll probably start it on the second day of flashcarding.

Last thing I did.

The last thing I did for lesson 7. I'm sure there's some mistakes.

When I look at a calendar, seeing how long it’ll take me to get to the end of my textbook, it feels so far away. I won’t be done until April. I start to wish I was faster. However, when I start actually doing the work, the days go by quickly. Honestly, before I know it, I’ll be done with the textbook and celebrating with writing about how excited I am for being a halfway done with the Genki series. As I inch closer to its end, I do start to wonder where I am going next with my Japanese. I think the cheapest route for me is to go with my original plan – go learn kanji.

The only reason why it’s cheap is because I already have all the materials on me and if I went to the next level of Japanese, it would require me to buy some more textbooks. Um, let’s not do that right now.

So, as this title of this entry says, I have some plan changes again. I’m sort of falling back to my original plan.

You see, my original plan was just to spend these months getting through Genki and to start advancing my kanji learning (since, theoretically, it would allow me to read more and I would be able to reinforce and pick up on more grammar that way). Then, out of frustration of not knowing a lot of kanji and having Remembering the Kanji in my hands, I decided to switch to doing RtK at the same time as Genki. Then I started getting frustrated at not knowing the readings of the kanji, so I thought about adding in KanjiDamage.

I decided, for time reasons, to do RtK and KanjiDamage for about a month upon completion of the first volume of Genki. I think I mentioned in a previous post that was thinking of possibly taking a month off after I finish Genki I to review and let everything sink in. Since I wouldn’t be copying a large amount of notes during this time, I figure that I could actually manage RtK and KanjiDamage. I’m slightly hoping for the same sort of result I had with kana (learning it very quickly), but I won’t beat myself up if that doesn’t happen. My aim will be to learn and remember kanji, not how many I can cram and not retain.

We’ll see how that goes though. It’ll probably change again, knowing me.

I think I’m getting more excited by the fact I can start Ocarina of Time 3D soon! It’s still sitting in my nightstand, waiting for me to play it.

So looking forward to it!

Blue Notebook

Look at the the innocent, new notebook!

Get ready for me to ramble about lesson 8 within in the next few days! I get to start a new notebook (oh, little, innocent blue notebook, how full of words you shall be soon enough!) and learn grammar rules I’ve been wanting to know for quite a while. It’s so exciting!