KJ Month – Day 15 to 28

Well, in all honesty, I didn’t work on Kelly’s Journey on all those days.Perhaps that’s obvious because episode 13 would have probably been up by now.

I did successfully start writing it, off with a relatively good start. I think it’s actually still going quite well, but that’s just my opinion. I’ll probably read it later and go “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING”.

It was pretty easy to decide how this episode was going to go – the anime still had unused game locations, surprisingly (?), so I took advantage of that. Also, with its decided 4Kids-esque title of “Gotta Poliwag That Tail” and the Pokémon-of-the-day, the episode was all set.

The writing was pretty easy up until the part where Kelly snuck off to go train her Pokémon at night and they end up meeting Poliwag. While I knew how that scene was going to end up, it feels like it took a really long time to write. Granted, I kept pausing in between.

I had to take “time off” from it as well to work on Christmas images, all though, I’m still not done with them.

Though, after Christmas actually ended, I started to graudally write episode 13 on my iPod.

When I checked the word count on day 28/early 29th, the word count was over 9,400 words AND it was 21 pages.

And guess what? I’m probably about halfway done with it.

I think the chapter so far is quite good, with the exception to Mistico being shafted. She’s barely appeared. XD She’s a background character, no doubt. Poor her.

But yeah…look forward to it!