[KELLY’S JOURNEY | UPDATE] Episode 2 is COMPLETED (for now)

Don’t you just love when I make an update and am like “oh! I’m having so much trouble!” and then I make one a day later and am like “this is so easy now!”? I know I do! If you read my entry from yesterday, you know I had struggled with editing episode 2 of Kelly’s Journey. I’m very pleased to announce that I have finally completed the rewrite (or rather, majour edit)!

What’s Next

Simple: I will write episode 21 of Kelly’s Journey and work on episode 3’s rewrite.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Actually, that’s kind of a lie.

I want to sit down and plot out some character back stories, just to see if I want to turn any of them into a side episodes. I guess you can kind of think of it like the Pokémon Chronicles of Kelly’s Journey, except it focuses on the main character prior to the first episode of Kelly’s Journey. It’s primarily to flesh out all the characters. It does contain some “reveal” spoilers for future Kelly’s Journey episodes, so it’s entirely up to you if you want to read these episodes or not.

Assuming I even write them in the first place.

I probably won’t, but I really, really want to.

I feel like I would get to know my characters even more and it would be a lot easier to understand why they react a certain way in the current series (such as Kelly with Beedrill).

If I do decide to work on the side stories, I might see if I can work on it in between writing the new/rewrite episode sets. I actually want to try one for Mistico really badly, to understand her character better. If I was to write that, I would do that after I do episodes 22 and episode 4’s rewrite/edit. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not.

Or I can just not do that and just keep on moving straight ahead!

(Completely off topic, but now I really want ravioli. What.)

Why the Rewrites?

I’m hoping to make a separate post on here at some point to go a bit more in detail about it, but I guess I should explain why I decided to rewrite the earlier episodes.

I was rereading Kelly’s Journey to note majour plot points that I wanted to write down in the “Story So Far” section on its website (which is GREAT to check out if you don’t remember everything that happened so far or are too lazy to check out the previous episodes). Episodes 1 & 2 were pretty good as they were — they weren’t the best written, slightly boring, but still written well enough to keep me reading.

Then I got to episode 3.

When I first started the episode, it wasn’t too, too bad. Then I kept getting deeper and deeper into the episode and I just had to stop.


I was embarrassed by the content!

I’ll elaborate more if I do an update on episode 3’s rewrite. All you need to know now is that I was embarrassed by the content and the writing.

I was already lightly feeling the desire to fix up episodes 1 & 2 to make them better written. Episode 3 was the one that made me feel like I had to do it.

I know many people are probably like “why? they were great they way they were”.

I’m hoping that when I post the rewrites and you people read them, you guys react like “oh, now I see why”.

Other Stuff

I was pretty excited to find out that if I managed to make it up to episode 30, I would only be up to rewriting episode 12. I THINK episodes past either 9 or 10 will probably be more of edits in terms of grammar and spelling, more than anything. I could be wrong though. I might read them and think “wow, this episode sucks too”.

If I get to episode 35 (oh man, that would be GREAT), I can edit episode 17 (which I haven’t posted yet).

Oh geez, I hope I do get to episode 35. That would be SO exciting, wouldn’t it be?!

Yes? Yes.

I think so.

Okay, thank you for reading~!