[KELLY’S JOURNEY | RAMBLES] Discovering the Characters

I remember my first thought when I was writing the current version of Kelly’s Journey was that I wanted to do it right. I wanted to write it so that I wouldn’t stop writing the series because the earlier episodes didn’t satisfy me. This was back in 2007, or perhaps 2006. The Diamond & Pearl series not only brought Pokémon back to the forefront in my life, where it had been on a semi-hiatus since Johto, but also revived my interest in my fanfiction rewrite of the TV series. I had tried to write it several times over the years, but continuously stopped because it was very unsatisfactory for me. Something always felt wrong about it. I think the farthest I ever got in the previous versions was episode 4, the Samurai episode (excluding the terribly done, Abridged-like radioplay scripts, which managed to get Bill’s Lighthouse). The recent version though finally hit a satisfactory level, enough where I don’t want to halt the series to rewrite the first couple of episodes.

Now, why am I writing this? There’s gotta be a point, right?

Well, Kelly’s Journey currently has 18 episodes completely written – four of them are original episodes, the rest all based off the actual Pokémon TV series. The most recently completed one, episode 18 (which would be episode 14 of the actual TV series) actually hit a turning point for me in the series. 

I’ve been writing this series for 7 or 8 years at this point, usually averaging about 3 episodes a year, and I finally adjusted to Kelly’s character. I understand her character. I can write her character so much more in depth now than I could have back in the beginning when I started the series.

When Kelly’s Journey first started, I simply took some cues from my own personality on how to write her. Kelly’s character seems mean, sarcastic, and in a way, a bit awkward when we are first introduced to her. She’s actually kind of bare in personality when we first meet her. I knew she had much more to her personality, but it never seemed to come out – there never seemed to be an opportunity to show her personality, and when there was, it was so awkward to write. I just wasn’t comfortable with writing her character, even though I knew so much about her and could see her in my head.

Gradually, I became more used to writing her character, which is probably more apparent in the way the later episodes are written. Having a chance to focus on her character in episodes 16 and 17 actually greatly helped me, along with her developing friendship with Ash. Episode 18 though has had the biggest turning point in the series yet.

I was actually fully comfortable with writing Kelly. Not only that, but it was insanely fun writing her in that particular episode. Kelly’s personality shines through in such an entertaining way in the episode, showing off her sarcasm and meanness at its best. I actually had to stop writing the episode a few times and reread it, I was enjoying it so much. The original Lt. Surge episode wasn’t that interesting originally, but the Kelly’s Journey version is easily one of my favourite episodes.

I have discovered that it takes a while for me to break into my characters and how to write them. Not for all of them, of course, like Daisy who has been easy since day 1 (obnoxious, over dramatic, little girls are easy for me to write), but certainly a lot of them. I find writing them for a long time not only helps with adjusting to their personalities, but also getting to know the character in ways that might not come up otherwise.

There’s a lot of things I knew about Kelly by the time I wrote the first episode, such as her mother being a pop star, her living in a mansion, and her being half Pokémon. I also knew she would feel awkward about being half Pokémon too. I knew I wanted her to voice some common criticisms of the anime that we all probably have that we may love or hate about it. I also knew I wanted her to be a sarcastic, spoiled brat, which does come out. It wasn’t as “awesome” as I wanted it to be, but it did the job.

More things were revealed to me as I wrote her character – her love/hate relationship with her hair she can’t change, her Pikachu was caught by her father because she used to carry around a Pikachu plushie all the time when she was little, she really, really, really hates going underwater to the point where when she starts to freak out because of it, her psychic abilities are activated subconsciously (which was a trait I actually gave to her daughter before I realized she had it too – though, Clever’s psychic ability has the tendency to come out when she’s angry or upset), she has a problem with violence, and she should honestly be ready to attack at any moment before holding herself back because, oh wait, she’s not a Pokémon to most people.

Just some little things…

I don’t know why I’m rambling this.

I guess it’s because I writing episode 19. Whoo~ Yaaaay~