Japanese Wii U or American Wii U?

(Please note the pictures in this post are darker than the actual video, simply because I have a program called “Shady” open to make the brightness on my computer darker than it normally can go, since my eyes kind of hurt.)

When Nintendo announced the Wii U last year, I was kind of excited for it, despite that I don’t really play their home consoles that much (honestly, my Wii is mostly collecting dust). The launch was full of unexciting and unappealing titles. I knew at some point I would purchase it, but not right away.

Finally, there was a Nintendo Direct, I believe earlier this year that announced that The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker was getting an HD remake for the Wii U. This FINALLY gave me a reason to get the Wii U! Wind Waker is easily one of my favourite Zelda games. I did feel some disappointment though because I would have loved Wind Waker on my 3DS instead, but hey, what am I going to do?

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 24.47.28 AM

The recent E3 Nintendo Direct showed more footage and brought up two features: 1.) sailing faster and 2.) the Tingle Turner is no more, but instead it let’s you throw a bottle into the ocean and send messages to your friends. I felt disappointed watching that. The game is virtually the same as the original.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 24.50.04 AM

I mean, I’m totally for them keeping to the original storyline. Sure, it would be cool to have some bonus dungeons or something, but I also know that would ruin the storyline. I just wish that there was…more. I don’t really know what “more” is. Even a hard mode would suffice, even if I probably wouldn’t dare to play it.

I realized that my reason to buy a Wii U was no longer justified for me…in English.

I had watched the Nintendo Direct in Japanese, since I just watched it via my 3DS (which is a Japanese edition).  The Wii U footage showed me that there was furigana over the kanji, which as a language learner of Japanese, is helpful to me. It helps me remember words (especially put into an interesting setting, like a video game) and teaches me new ones.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 24.51.13 AM

Seeing this made me think…should I get an American Wii U or a Japanese Wii U? All the games I’m even interested in for it (which isn’t a lot) I am willing to play in either language (English or Japanese). I feel that buying Wind Waker HD in Japanese is more justified because while, yes, it’s the same game as the Gamecube one, I own the Gamecube one in English.

I feel different about the Wind Waker remake too in comparison to the Ocarina of Time one. I feel like the OoT one was justified because it was remade onto a handheld system. It also presented an optional challenge version, a hint system, and added a few easter eggs that linked the game to places in the Zelda Timeline. I feel like the Wind Waker would be worth the purchase if it had been on a handheld, but it’s not. It was a console game that’s being rereleased on a console. It feels like a waste of money for me…particularly if I buy it in English.

Yeah. Buying it in Japanese feels more right to me. Go figure.

I think the downside to buying the Japanese Wii U is that depending on the exchange rates, it’ll be really expensive to import games for it if there are games I want. Okay, yeah, the shipping will be expensive too, but still!