Really, I am so excited about it! I finally get to learn the て(te)-form for verbs! I know it’s pretty sad that I’m only on lesson six, but hey! I’ve been both busy and lazy! I really can’t wait! Okay, actually, I can considering I am typing this entry. I’ve been looking forward to getting to this chapter though since it’s very important for me to learn.

This morning I had about an hour and a half left before I went to work so I just finished up what I had to do for Lesson 5! My vocabulary and kanji writing were rusty, so it’s making me think I really should be writing journal entries in Japanese. Just small journal entries though. Honestly, my vocabulary isn’t large enough to do some detailed writing like I’m doing right now. And when I say “writing”, I do mean actually using a pen or pencil to physically write it down on a piece of paper. It’s mainly so I can practice kanji. My katakana is also really rusty…I blank out when I’m writing. I can read it fine though, with the exception of ヌ(nu) and タ(ta) because they look very similar to me. I know the difference, but I have to remind myself.

I’m starting to feel like I should do like…cram studying or something. Take all the notes, do the practice questions, etc. in one day. Of course, that’s overwhelming and I doubt I would be able to retain what I learn. I might try to force myself into a schedule of some sort. I need to be done with Genki II by October so I can prep myself for the JLPT. Plus I want to understand more of what I’m reading when I’m playing video games and what I’m hearing when I’m listening to anything in Japanese (anime, music, dramas, etc.).

Actually, the entire reason I’m pushing myself now is because The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is coming out next month. I’m personally getting in Japanese, since I have a Japanese 3DS. I know it’s not really going to matter much since I’ve played the Nintendo 64 version to understand what’s going on and how to play, but I still want to see how much I can understand. I always get excited when I read a sentence and can understand it – it just proves to me that I am in fact learning.

I feel like I’m at this weird point now though where like…I feel like I already know Japanese, though I know I’m actually really far from it. I’m hoping that feeling goes away or gets satisfied as I keep trudging through. It comes pretty easily for me, minus the particles. Man, particles kill me. But I think they kill everyone. Haha.

When I write in Japanese, I don’t normally have to think about what I want to say in English – I seem to be able to just write in Japanese unless I’m writing a sentence that my mind has to pick apart and rearrange correctly (then I have to think it in English in my head). When I speak Japanese, most of the time, I do have to think of what I want to say in English before I speak it with the exception to a few words or phrases I know without thinking about it. When I read Japanese I normally translate it into English in my head unless I feel I understand the sentence (I’m trying to get out of that habit though because I feel that it’s a bad one unless I wanted to translate, but I don’t really unless I feel it’s necessary or for fun). When I’m listening to Japanese, about 60% of it is me zoning out or not comprehending what is being said, 20% is actually understanding it, and 20% is translating it. I can’t tell if the lack of comprehension has to do with that I’m not used to the language, that I have trouble comprehending spoken language, or both. I have a lot of trouble comprehending spoken English (which is my native language), sometimes to the point where I have to ask someone three or four times to tell me what they said.

I think if I pushed for it, I could do one Genki lesson a week, include review. It would go something like:
Day 1 – Chapter Dialogue, Vocabulary, Grammar; take notes on vocabulary & grammar
Day 2 – Practices, Workbook, Kanji Pages (copying down the kanji), Kanji Practices, Workbook Kanji Pages
Day 3 – Review
Day 4 – Review
Day 5 – Break
Day 6 – Break

Then start the cycle again.

Or maybe it would be more like:
Day 1 – Chapter Dialogue, Vocabulary (take notes), Grammar (take notes), Kanji pages (take notes)
Day 2 – Practices in main chapter + workbook pages
Day 3 – Practices for the kanji + the workbook kanji pages
Day 4 – Review
Day 5 – Review
Day 6 – Break

I don’t know that. I’ll have to think about it. There’s about a billion different combinations I could do. I’ll experiment. I definitely need a break though when I learn them, just to let it sink in. I do that with a lot of things I learn. Of course, I don’t want it to sink in where it disappears somewhere else in my mind.

Okay, yeah.

I’m tired.

So I’m going to sleep.

Then I’ll wake up and write more.

Though, there really isn’t that much from today since my sleeping schedule turned out to be just how I like it – going to sleep when the sun is still up, waking up well after it goes down.

I guess I can tell you basically what I did.

I’m pretty sure I was woken up by my younger sister bombarding me with IMs and a text because she wanted me to make her a banner for her tumblr, so I got up and did that. I made myself dinner consisting of a cheeseless vegetable pizza with rice crust and mozzarella sticks. The pizza was decent – I actually really liked the rice crust (it was almost sweet – though, I like my usual pizza crust still), but I feel it could have had more of a bunch of flavour to it. Still wasn’t bad though. The mozzarella sticks were absolutely delicious. I worked on her banner while I made and ate my dinner. I just happened to make it match her layout perfectly, so I’m pretty happy about that.

I’m feeling a bit agitated (which I expressed in my previous journal entry I think), so I knew I could necessarily do anything too creative, because otherwise my mind opens up and makes me think quite a lot and not about things I should be thinking about. Instead it’s all the small, negative things that my mind would go to and make it explode into something more than it is. I did a review of a package forwarding service called Tenso this morning (which you can read here) as kind of a way to pull my mind away from something small that doesn’t really matter. I then shifted my focus into finish the kanji practice pages I had to do, which I managed to finish!

It was kind of funny though, because one of the practices wanted you to pretend to write to two Japanese friends (in Japanese, of course) and tell them about your vacation in a postcard. Obviously I wasn’t on vacation, so I just pulled up my experiences from vacationing in Florida and wrote about it. I ended up complaining about Florida and wrote more about my younger sister doing things down there than me. Once my Japanese teacher corrects me on what I wrote, maybe I’ll post it here (along with a translation). It’s kind of funny.

Then I went to work.

And now I’m home.

And I wrote this.

And I’m tired.

And these stripped pajama pants are playing tricks on my eyes. They look like they’re flickering from how I can see them when I’m looking directly forward at the screen.

I’m going to go to bed.

Then I’ll wake up and do awesome things! Like get to work on Genki Lesson 6. Maybe finish up that comic page I have to do. I don’t know.