[FOOD] Veggie Grounds in a Tortilla

I question why I thought this would taste good. Tortillas are only good to me when I make quesadillas. I mean, it didn’t taste bad. It just wasn’t satisfying and I kind of wish I made like, I don’t know, pasta. I know some people are going to want to be like “lolololol its cuz it wasn’t meat” or something like that, even though I’ve stated before that I like my veggie grounds very much. I think after the other meal I had, I wanted something different.


I felt the need to use up onions, since I didn’t think I would be using the bag I bought anytime soon. Same thing with the tortillas…which I realized weren’t whole grain, but multigrain, which made me sad. I also decided to use some basil and parsley, since they tasted good last night, and use some thyme. I think I was trying to go for some Italian/Mexican blend, since I was too lazy to try and make my own taco mix to flavour the veggie grounds and opted for sauce and onions instead with the veggie grounds.

Before I actually made my meal, I cleaned up the kitchen and set up my laptop so Hurricane could watch me make my food. The first thing I did was cut up the onion, which of course made my eyes burn and water several times.


I also started the veggie grounds in the meantime. After a while, I took out the veggie grounds, sauteed the onions, and put back in the veggie grounds with some salt and pepper.


While I was cooking, I put in Red Dwarf series 1, much to the dismay of Hurricane in order to start my review of it. I actually should have a review of it out today if all goes well, though don’t hold your breath.


I eventually put in the sauce, let that heat up for a while, and put in the herbs…with too much thyme. I always forget that the thyme doesn’t have the little shaker thing on it. I know when that thyme comes pouring out, what I made is going to be just terrible.

I put together my tortilla just as the episode “Future Echoes” started playing. I sprinkled some warm cheese on top, sat down, and continued watching Red Dwarf while eating.


Okay, so the food wasn’t bad. It just didn’t taste as amazing as I was hoping it would and I’m totally blaming that on the tortilla. Okay, sure, the veggie ground mixture was a bit thymey, but the tortilla really ruined it. I think the mixture might have been a bit more satisfying if I had it on pasta instead.

I really need to start cooking more and varied things so I can actually make my own recipes at some point.