[FLASHBACK] Only in a Daydream

I thought that it would be fun if, in between all my other artwork blog postings, that I do some “flashbacks” to old pictures I’ve done. And by old, I mean old. By a few years. Some might be even as far as 3rd grade! Of course, we’re not starting that early. We’re starting sometime in 2007 with an image known by three titles – Onlyinadreamshipping Obsession, Onlyinadreamshipping Daydream, and now Only in a Daydream.

I think the new title is the best.

If you read past the first episode of Kelly’s Journey, you are probably aware that Daisy Ketchum (Ash’s younger sister in the story) loves the idea of her brother, Ash, being with Kelly. You would also know, that despite the number of pictures I draw of them romantically together, Ash and Kelly have no interest in each other.

This picture basically was to show Daisy’s ramblings and how Ash and Kelly react.


The original sketch is a bit different from how the final version came out.


Kelly and Ash’s facial expressions are different. I’m actually surprised I changed them, since usually during that time, I just left things the way they were; I did originally ink the images by hand, after all. In the final version, they’re both smiling…though, Ash looks secretly angry at Daisy’s stupid romantic daydream. And the little girl continues to ramble about it.

I must say, for being from, what, 2007? This picture isn’t too bad. The poses aren’t horrid, the fingers look enough like fingers, the kiss scene isn’t too awkward, Ash’s feet actually look pretty good considering the year.

Unlike some images that I look back to and think “what was I thinking”, I actually really like this one. It’s definitely on the candidate list to be redrawn.

This was definitely a great image to open up the “flashback” sequence with.

Now…what next…