[FLASHBACK] Kelly Crying

Music frequently inspires me in everything I do. I unfortunately don’t get around to doing what music inspires me to do, usually out of fear of messing up and laziness. However, I do occasionally manage to let out that inspiration and this picture just so happens to be one.


Now, this picture itself isn’t really that bad. I had arguably worse pictures back in 2004 when this picture was first drawn. I mean, sure, it’s bad in comparison to how well I can draw today, but for 2004, it’s not that bad. I’m pretty amazed that the fingers look like fingers and Kelly actually has knuckles!

It looks like myself in 2004 attempted cell shading and for what I’m guessing is a first try, it isn’t too bad. Especially since I was doing it on a pencil drawing and I believe this was around the first time of me using Photoshop.

There’s a few notable things about this picture too that shows Kelly’s design changes – in 2004, her Advanced Generation outfit contained Ash’s hat, she had a star necklace on a gold chain (inspired by a Barbie doll) instead of the star choker, her hair lacked her “framing, spiked” bangs, her hair was a bit more wavy, and her eyes were blue and teal.

The blue & teal combination was supposed to be inspired by my own eyes and were used on other characters of mine whose colours I pulled from myself. Kelly is the only character who had an eye colour change to match the more “gray” eyes I have; the other characters retained the teal coloured eyes.

The wavy hair is also a result of being inspired by me. I’m actually pretty happy that it was scrapped – I like Kelly’s hair better straight and spiky.

The tear drops are pretty bad, but I’m still pretty terrible at them today…so, I can’t complain too much.

The song lyrics at the side are, probably obviously since I can’t write anything but terrible Pokémon parodies to mainstream songs, not by me. They’re by Avril Lavigne. I don’t recall being a huge fan of Avril Lavigne (I liked her, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan). One of my favourite songs by her was “Nobody’s Home”. I suppose some of Kelly’s back story is unintentionally inspired by the song. It still reminds me of Kelly to an extent.

YouTube unfortunately didn’t exist back then (or if it did, it wasn’t that big), so I didn’t have a chance to link to it.

If I did this picture today, I’m sure the image would go a lot differently and look a lot more empty. Or I’d try to make it look more empty, like Kelly just laying limp. Or perhaps hugging her legs and look sad. Something different.

Overall, this picture is pretty good for 2004. I think it would have looked better though without the song lyrics.