[FLASHBACK] Earthquake Shatter

Sometimes I want to criticize my younger self for really stupid ideas. Other times I want to applaud them for brilliant ones. And then there’s other times where I want to criticize AND applaud because of stupid, yet brilliant ideas and I think I might want to bring them back.

I have a lot of those for Kelly’s Journey. Some of my ideas from when I was younger are stupidly brilliant, I want to take them and fix them up to be more awesome. Usually they’re little scenes that I really liked, but currently don’t fit well into the current story. Other times, they’re like this picture: a Kelly-exclusive attack.


Yep, Kelly has been half Pokémon for a while now. She originally was suppose to be a Sailor-Moon-esque “star princess” with magical attack powers, which eventually got transformed into being half Pokémon. I mean, I probably could’ve just left it at “she’s psychic like Sabrina”, but that’s honestly no fun.

…okay, plus, I think she’s a manifestation of my subconscious which is this all element-wielding spirit. So totally makes sense for her to be half and all element wielding.

ANYWAY, one of the things with Kelly is that she has made up her own attacks. This is cool and I think it’s completely acceptable for people to do; they do add in new attacks with each new Pokémon game and who says that it’s not fine for people to make up new attack combinations?

Kelly has stated before in Kelly’s Journey as well that she has her own made up attacks. In fact, she has a made up attack for one of her Pokémon show up in episode 18, when she’s battling Lt. Surge.

One of the attacks she had when I was younger was “Earthquake Shatter” which is a variation of the move, “Earthquake”.

Really me.

Okay, I KNOW Earthquake is EASILY one of my favourite Pokémon attacks, but younger self…why.

Why the variety on it?

I actually wonder if it was a variation of what happened with Kerii-hime. I could be wrong about that though. It definitely reminds me of it.

On the other hand, it’s actually kind of cool, a variety on the move Earthquake. I always imagine Earthquake to send the ground rumbling and split in seemingly random directions. I feel like a move called “Earthquake Shatter” would be less random in cracks, like how cracked glass or screens have a spider web-like design to them. I think that’d be an awesome move.

In fact, I kind of want to bring it back.

Probably not as “Earthquake Shatter” though. Maybe “Earth Shatter” or something else.

The drawing itself is kind of silly looking. Kelly looks like she’s doing ballet and her hair is sticking straight up. Which actually indicates that she’s jumping. But still. It just looks utterly silly. It’s not a bad picture, but still done rather silly. I wonder how it would look today if I redrew it?

I’m starting to wonder if for these Flashbacks, if I should just redraw everything…