First Post, ZOMG. Rambling + About Yesterday

Good day! Yeah. For some odd reason, whenever I write that, my mind starts speaking with an English accent. I like typing “Good Day” for some reason though. ANYWAY.

Welcome to my Personal Blog! You most likely got here because I linked you. Otherwise, why in the world would you check this out at this point in time? My later entries, you probably got here via the Creative Works portion of my site. But you couldn’t have done that on this date of May 10th. That part of the site isn’t up yet. It probably won’t be for a while.

I’ll attempt to write another entry later tonight, but for now, I’ll write about yesterday. I’ll be taking a break from colouring two images…wait, I’ll just splash colour on those images. He really only needs to see the colours and the design, nothing else. Not that you know what I’m talking about. You will later though.

And on another note before I forget, this layout is only temporary. Eventually when I take the time to learn how to code a WordPress layout, I’ll do that and the layout will be uniquely mine (…well, not really unique, but whatever). ANYWAY.


…wow. My memory sucks. Was it yesterday that I didn’t want to go to work?

Most likely.

I woke up, pretty much having an “ugh” reaction. I didn’t want to get up. I really didn’t want to go work. I was still feeling a strange subtle sadness I did the day before. Well, it wasn’t really sadness – I felt scared. Cold. It’s the kind of feeling that makes me just want to go curl up under a desk in a pitch black room so I can feel calm and actually pretty safe.

I had a power hungry surge/dictator streak earlier that day, two days ago, which fizzled out when I told myself I couldn’t do that and I was shoved into the Florist department (which I hadn’t been in before) on MOTHER’S DAY. Which I normally would think would be smart (since it would give me plenty of training), but I had fallen back into my shy, uneasy self that I haven’t felt for the past few years and failed to wrap flowers up for people. I ended up switching with someone to do self scan instead and was left over with a cold, sad feeling. I definitely was disappointed with myself. But that was on Mother’s Day, which I did nothing on because my younger sister is sick and my mother was busy taking care of her.

Then going to yesterday, I did share my feelings with my dad who basically told me what I was already doing – basically to suck it up and just go to work. Which I did. So I drove to work and sat in the parking lot for a few minutes like I usually do, cranking Simon Curtis’s “Fell in Love w/ an Android”. It’s probably my favourite song this week. It’s really great if you haven’t heard it yet.

Anyway, I went inside after I finished listening to the song once and felt…okay. I was only there for four hours, so I just told myself that over and over again. I think I kept hoping it would rain whenever I looked out the window from the file maintenance, but it didn’t. I put up tags like I had to do that day. I also kept my MSN up on my phone and pretty much IMed my friend the entire time. I’m not suppose to, but I needed something to keep the time going relatively fast and to distract my mind. Eventually my mind ended up shifting to my character, Erik, from one of my books after I mentioned to my friend about how I was trying to come up with Erik’s female persona’s (named Erika) outfit. I started daydream random scenes that could happen in that book – particularly Faye Jikman having too much fun with Erik being fine wearing girl’s clothing, including buying him a matching outfit with her’s. Of course that put a happy smile on my face for quite a while, until I went back to IMing my friend and we started discussing a bunch of things related to drawings, including the idea of an art trade.

I did the store shop (which means that I have to scan random items throughout the store to catch wrong prices) and time quickly hit to thirty minutes before I had to leave. I printed the tags I needed to, put them up, and it was time for me to leave (BOO YEAH).

Before I left though, I decided that I needed to go grocery shopping. I’ve barely eaten anything the past few weeks because the only thing there really is in the house for me to eat is ramen noodles and pasta. As much as I love both of those, I don’t want those everyday. And seriously, that’s saying a lot considering I never thought I would get sick of pasta. So I decided to go grocery shopping and bought a bunch of stuff (including cranberry juice, the delicious Quorn Chik’n Nuggets (which are made out of fungi and are EXTREMELY delicious ♥, and my shampoo that my store only seems to sell which is kind of annoying…). I decided that it would be a grocery shopping day and decided to go to Whole Foods after I drove home.

While I was in the car (and at home, putting the groceries away), I thought about cleaning my room. My door was open this morning and I pretty much had a “dad might yell at me for my messy room” thought. It was also really nice to have my room cleaned I realized. That and I have a feeling the house will be checked out again soon. Of course, I didn’t clean right away, since I still had to go to Whole Foods.

So I drove to Whole Foods, which I knew was pretty close. I already liked the vibe of the store before I even walked inside – walking inside made me like it even more! I’ve been into eating organic foods lately and since Whole Foods is the largest seller of organic foods in the world, I had to check it out. I was very happy with my experience there and the product selection! I was smiling almost the entire time. I felt like I was experiencing something new. I was EXTREMELY happy to find my favourite pizza, Amy’s Kitchen Margherita Pizza, in a personal pan size! My store doesn’t sell it, so it was a wonderful find. Not only that, they had a far larger selection of Amy’s Kitchen foods (and other organic ones), so I had to buy a bunch of them. I’ll eat them. I bought a few other things there too and eventually left.

I spent a lot on groceries, but I normally do because I like buying everything at once. Although…my dad’s freezer is jammed packed. I would reorganize it, but I already did that and things are still barely fitting. I should do that to his refrigerator, but I’m too lazy at this point (and I don’t really feel like having the olive juice spill all over my hands again).

After I put everything away, I cleaned my room and started doing my laundry until my dad came home. I was like “DAD, YOU HAVE TO SEE MY ROOM”. And when he walked in he was like “ARE YOU SICK? WE HAVE TO BRING YOU TO THE HOSPITAL” and put his hand on my forehead. If you don’t get it, he said that because I cleaned my room without him half yelling at me to. Honestly, I think the only reason why I cleaned my room was because of the junk food I bought.

You see, I like junk food, ESPECIALLY when I’m up late at night working on a story or a new piece of artwork. It doesn’t necessarily wake me up – there’s just something about eating junk food that feels befitting for what I’m doing as oppose to say, an apple. I like to store the junk food in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet since it’s relatively easy to access.

However, with the junk food I bought, I knew I would have to reorganize that drawer to fit everything. So that is exactly what I did.

Bottom Drawer of Junk Food

My junk food drawer.

Forgive that random line. I think there’s something wrong with my cellphone’s camera. ANYWAY, most of that drawer is junk food. Not all of it. You can see a cord that goes to a plug in MP3 charger and my Code Geass R2 DVD. Most of the non-junk food is under the junk food.

Don’t worry. I won’t eat them all at once. It’ll be gradually overtime.

So basically, I made it look all pretty and organized, after I cleaned my room.

I would have finished my laundry if my dad didn’t come home until later. I don’t know why, but I hate doing laundry when people are around. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I feel like I might get poked fun of for actually doing my laundry.

I had “Famous” by Günther (warning: the image on that video is PG-13ish) playing the entire time I was cleaning my room. No particular reason – just wanted to listen to that song. In fact, I’m listening to it as I write this. And wow, I’ve been writing for over an hour.

So for dinner, I noticed my dad bought broccoli and corn, so I was like “DAD, WHAT ARE YOU HAVING” and he told me fish, which made me frown. You see, I’m vegetarian, so I don’t eat fish (if you eat fish/seafood, but not meat, then you’re a pescetarian) and I really wanted some of that broccoli and corn. He said he would cook me some. He had to go out to Home Depot though and I was hungry (I hadn’t eaten anything but some Tomato Basil soup from Whole Foods), so I cooked a Green Giant steamer of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and cheese. Of course, when he came back, he asked me if I was still going to have the broccoli and corn. Of course I was! Why wouldn’t I? I was hungry anyway. So after he cooked the broccoli, I microwaved a cheese pizza lean pocket and ate that along with the broccoli.

I started watching a YouTube Web Series called New Prime (which is stupidly funny) while I ate corn. After I was done and started watching its second episode, I had a Chocolate Cream Pie that I bought from Whole Foods, which was pretty good. Um…then I went and skyped with my friend (the same one I was IMing at work). We began discussing our art trade and I basically wrote him a wall of text of what I wanted. It kind of gave me the excuse to draw Kelly (one of my characters) in the bathing suit I’ve had in my head since I heard “2 Piece (So Cosmo)” by Midi Mafia (yes, heard, not watch – I know I linked you to the music video, but it has the song…obviously), as well as draw Melissa’s bikini bottom (because I usually just draw her bikini top paired with a mini skirt), which I didn’t do. I actually drew Cassandra (Erik’s younger sister) to show my friend what I was having trouble explaining (who kindly corrected the way I draw wings). I also drew a potential outfit for Erik’s female persona, but it needs some major adjustments.

I was also hit with a realization that I really need to force myself to learn anatomy and proportions much better and do lots more blind drawing exercises.

And that, lovely people, was my day on May 9th, 2011.