Final Day of Review!

So, it’s my final day of vocabulary review for Genki I, Lesson 7. I have most of the words learned just enough where I’m pulling them up from memory, which is exactly the purpose of doing the three day review. I actually had them down on the first day, but continuing to review was definitely helpful.

There’s a few words that I’m definitely forgetting, so I need to put a bit of effort into remembering them. I’m sure I’ll remember them though if I use them a bit.

Words that are giving my memory trouble:

It’s not that they’re hard words, the kanji are throwing me off. It’s going to be even harder for me to remember these kanji when I’m doing my practices. Unless I type them, in addition to writing them…

I think my favourite word I’ve learned is 頭がいい (あたまがいい), meaning “bright”, “clever”, and other such words. It’s my favourite because the first word of that adjective is “head” and the last word (いい) is “good”, so it literally would mean “head is good”. It’s basically saying that one has a good head.

I definitely feel that I need to take a step back and go over all the kanji I’ve learned so far. I’m drawing blanks, especially knowing what they mean alone.

…meh, I’ll do that soon.

I have to say, I thought there was more words in this lesson. Guess not.