[Camp NaNoWriMo] Novel #1 – The Embellished Romance of the Bright Stars

Lovely title, isn’t it? The Embellished Romance of the Bright Stars. Interesting factoid about it is that the title comes from the places that the main pairing live. Princess Kerryn of Brehtstral (“Bright” + “Astral”, “astral” referring to stars) and Prince Ask of Paillette (“paillette” meaning a sequin or spangle sewed to a costume or a decorative piece of gold or silver foil, which in turn, are embellishments). So technically the title means “the decorated romance of the bright stars”. Which makes it sound fake, but oh, their romance is real. Just the entire story is fictional.

Camp NaNoWriMo expands over the months of July and August. I’m a fan of the idea of NaNoWriMo and am gladly taking part of Camp NaNoWriMo. Frankly, it’s a push to get things written. Written to the point where I can’t give up on it. I can’t tell though if getting up to 50,000 words is over two months or over one. I’m shooting for one though. And for this month, I am writing The Embellished Romance of the Bright Stars, as I stated in my opening paragraph.

Overall, I believe it took me three days of planning, which is probably the fastest I’ve ever planned anything. Well, actually, if I really think about it though, I’ve spent more days than that planning it. I just spent about three days upgrading it. If you read the 2010 history of Kelly’s Journey, you might remember a paragraph talking about a princess named Kerii-hime (meaning Princess Kelly or Princess Kerii) and some storyline I mentioned I was going to write one day based off of that because the basic idea of it was just outright exciting for me to think about. Well, that one day is here. I didn’t have the time I had for Love Me Softly to plan or that I will have for my November novel, so I needed a quick idea. This was a quick idea. I had the basic storyline, fixed it up a bit, gave the characters new identities, and BAM, I have a story. Unfortunately, August’s novel isn’t being that friendly to me, as I’m stale on ideas for that. If I edit Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ this month, then I may just write the flip side of that. Otherwise, I gotta come up with something fast. There’s a few novels I was thinking I could possibly write, but they take too much research for me to write now. I’ll see how it goes. If I haven’t started editing LMS by the middle of the month, I’m gonna whip up something else. I’m sure there’s something hanging out in my mind that would gladly be written. Actually, there is another BL story I could write, but that would be far too much BL writing for me. Plus, I’m pretty sure with that particular story, it would take me a lot longer than LMS did or else, just as long.

Anyway, because I took three days to plan out the story (one for the summary, two for the main character’s bios), as well as a few days to do other things, such as commissions, I’m behind by about, oh, I don’t know…7,000 words. I cranked out 2,000 one day, 4,000 the next, and I gotta attempt to crank out about 7,000 today (it was 8,000 before, but I actually managed to get 1,000 words). I need to try and actually go past my goal word count for the days just so I can work on other stuff. Like Kelly’s Journey. And my commissions. And my website. And that project my mom needs me to do. And oh man, I have so much stuff. Then there’s also looking for another job.

Enough about that though. I know you people wanna know about my story~ And what I’m thinking of it so far.

Which is that Princess Kerryn is really nothing like I imagined her to be. I was thinking she was going to be some sort of Disney-esque princess, somewhere between like…Snow White and Ariel, but she’s actually more like a spoiled brat, adventurous princess. Which is really strange for me. It’s not a bad thing though – I feel like it’ll allow character development and makes more sense with the fact that she’s been sheltered all her life. She’s not even allowed outside without someone accompanying her. I’m also kind of sad that she’s just recently found an adventure right inside the castle, but she’s planning to escape anyway. There’s apparently a bunch of floors that aren’t touched for anything but storage in the castle that she never knew about (well, she knew the floors were there, but she never visited them).

AND THIS GIRL IS CRAZY. SERIOUSLY. Well, not really. Sort of. She’s basically climbing to a window just to see how the guard’s pacing is. Partially due to the suggestion of Prink, her pet Flig (which is floppy eared pig-like creature that walks on two legs). She’s scared of doing it, but she’s going to anyway just to get her own sense to help her figure out her escape route.

I’m actually scared for her, even though I know she’s fine. There wouldn’t be any story if she wasn’t fine. Well, she could fall down and break her legs or something, but this isn’t the kind of story for that to happen.

So yeah. This story is going pretty well so far, minus me being behind on my word count. I’m going to partially blame it on me being distracted, cranking Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I’m on the last season now, but I’m taking a slight break. I need to switch my concentration over to this and my commissions. And my website too, to an extent.