Busy, Busy, Busy!

Tofu Scramble

My delicious tofu scramble~

I’m sitting here, in front of my computer, chowing down on a tofu scramble I made myself that contains zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and veggie “sausage”. I had tried a store bought, pre-made breakfast before that had been a tofu scramble and felt that it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever ate for breakfast. Decided to try and make my own today and, surprisingly, was successful. Expect I forgot the mushrooms. Next time.

…and now I’m done with it.

I’m happy that it was successful! Definitely need to make it again sometime. My friends will probably give me a disgusted look and I’ll just be like “hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a vegetarian who likes to eat good tasting vegetarian food!”. I’m really picky when it comes to taste, so the fact that I find it tasty must mean it’s not that bad. It’s also giving me the best kind of full – the one where you’re full, but don’t feel sick. Effin’ love that!

So, I haven’t blogged since my little gender pronoun rant. I know before that, I was depressed and started on artwork again.

Japanese Notes

My Japanese notes that I finished~

I’m still working through artwork – two commissions left – but I’ve started on Japanese again. I finally got around to start (and as of today, finishing) lesson 7. It seems that my plan – spreading the lesson over 2 weeks – works extremely well, so I’m going to keep up with it. There’s a few adjustments I’m making in my plans, which I’ll write about over at my Japanese learning adventures blog, if you’re interested in knowing about them.

I got an internship at a tattoo shop called Artistic Sacrifice. No, no, not doing tattoos. And no, I don’t get free tattoos, you silly people. I just work as the receptionist, where I answer and make calls, check the social networking pages, greet people, and stuff like that. It’s a nice job and the work place is super relaxing. I like too that I can doodle and not get in trouble for it. And that I can get my stuff done because there’s long gaps of not doing anything. If you want a detailed tattoo done, please, give us a call!

For the first few days I was there, I began working on the new website layout. However, I ended up catching a doodling bug and ended up drawing that day. Haven’t touched the layout since. I’ll start working on the layout again sometime soon, since I do have to finish it, just not right now.

Oh, another thing I like about this job (and not being in school) is forgetting about holidays I find irrelevant. I didn’t know Valentine’s Day was coming up until a friend was like “lol singles awareness day” the day before, then I had a “oh, valentine’s day is tomorrow? lol. my valentine is my computer”. You know it’s true, my valentine being my computer. I also didn’t realize that yesterday was President’s Day.

I have been battling depression still and I have, possibly successfully, turned my depression into a motivator, rather than a demotivator. There’s probably some people looking at me like “wtf how can you do that”. I figure that since my depression usually stems from me not doing anything productive, I need to be productive to get out of the depression. Then I just push myself until I get into a groove and let it go.

That’s not to say I’m struggling to balance on a tightrope (figuratively speaking), because certainly I am. I want to cry with the amount of artwork I still have to do, my messy room, sewing, writing, and balancing it all with my Japanese. I’m so lucky my job is easy and my boss is easy going, otherwise, that would make it harder. Imagine if I had school thrown in too. Ick.

For Valentine’s Day, my mom got me two giftcards, including one to iTunes. For Japanese, I’ve been listening to my music I had a bit more and wanted to find artists similar to Tommy heavenly6, since that’s who I’ve been listening to lately. I found one artist (or rather, band) on iTunes who wasn’t that bad, but their stuff lacked the kind of energy that TH6’s music had. I ended up going to the World Music section on iTunes and saw that they had a “Top Albums” list for J-Pop I browsed it, skipping over all the Vocaloid albums (there’s so many of them!). I ended up on a singer named ktoXic, whose album cover caught my eye for being somewhat Adam Lambertish. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I actually loved his music! I only bought two songs – “Break the Silence” and “Virgin Eyes”. Usually when I hear Japanese music production, they’re airy, over produced, and sound like a chaotic mess of instruments that don’t blend. His didn’t. One of these days, I hope to buy the rest of the album! I’ve been listening to the two songs on repeat, along with TH6’s songs.

Did I mention yet that I got a hair cut?

Yeah, I got a haircut. It’s nice being able to style it again. I got it shortly before I got my job.

…yeah…not really much to say. I may do another post soon related to my gender fluidity, since I don’t think most people wanna hear about that.