[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Wait…

I don’t like posting Onlyinadreamshipping on most places. Actually, the only place I even like posting it is here on my website. I feel more comfortable posting it on here than I do elsewhere. Sometimes though, it does feel good to post them elsewhere, especially when there is generally a positive response. 


This seemed to be a favourite of people who viewed the image. I think the picture is cute too. It’s an Onlyinadreamshipping moment, that’s sweet, but not in the sugary kind of way. It’s also something that I feel could actually happen, unlike most of the moments I draw where I know it’s just fan service and would never actually happen.

This was drawn in the year of Onlyinadream (2011 – I mean, seriously, I drew at least 21 images, if not more), but wasn’t part of any set. At least, I don’t think it was.

Kelly grabs Ash’s hand and wants to tell him something, but she’s nervous. Ash is surprised that she pulled him back.

I don’t really like how Ash is drawn. Everybody’s arms are too long. Ash’s Pikachu looks weird. Sparkle looks alright. Gardevoir looks the best, in my opinion. I like generally how Kelly’s drawn, other than what I’ve mentioned.

I do like how I drew the “dent” for Kelly’s lips, as I don’t usually do that when I draw. Usually they look funny when I do them, but I managed to do the lip dent successfully this time around.

This seemed to be a popular picture and I knew I definitely had to colour it.


I think the coloured version came out well. I think it looks a bit better than the sketch in certain aspects, though worse in others. Just like in my previous picture, the Pikachu’s oddities really stick out.

While I didn’t fix the arm length during the lineart process, I did fix/change a few things – Sparkle now has the heart-like indent to her tail, like she’s suppose to, and Kelly has a messenger bag. I drew it a bit too small, but that’s okay.

At some point I decided that she wasn’t going to be having a backpack, but a messenger back. I kind of felt that it suited her more.

The background still continues on with my practicing Pokémon-styled backgrounds. Unfortunately, I am still terrible. Luckily, the background doesn’t really take away from the main image.

I am considering posting this various other places because of the initial reception, though, I’m not entirely sure if I want to…

Sketch – 2011; Finished – 2013

CSP, MangaStudio, Photoshop