[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Sleeping Bag Kiss

Very rarely do I draw a picture and don’t really like the sketch, colour it anyway, and absolutely love the coloured version. This image, which is embarrassingly romantic (and if it is looked at from a certain angle, could look sexual, but it’s not meant to be like that), was a part of this set of three Onlyinadreamshipping kisses. I can’t remember which number this was. All I remember was I didn’t really like the sketch and nearly scrapped it.


Unlike most of my images where I don’t like it because of the way specific things were drawn, this one more has to do with the generally extremely romantic pose and how plain this feels in comparison to a lot of my pictures. I’m not really used to drawing romantic images and I kind of have a limit at how romantic my images can get and this one was just sort of pushing it – a romantic kiss snuck in the middle of the night. That was more or less the concept. I think the picture also made me uncomfortable because I’m sure some people would want to see this picture in a bit of a sexual nature when it’s totally not like that.

Okay, yeah, I have a bit of an issue with the hands and the sleeping bag, but I can let those slide. The sleeping bag’s outline was done out of laziness. The hands more have to do with me being terrible with hands.

I knew when I did the coloured version, they would be inside Kelly’s tent (since miss spoiled brat isn’t usually willing to sleep out in the open). Kelly would have a green sleeping bag. It was going to be night time (though, that was probably obvious unless it was a wake up kiss).

The coloured version surprised me.


Yes, colouring an image actually surprised me. Usually, I’m pretty good at “seeing” how the final product is going to look in colour when I work on it. This wasn’t the case. The coloured version does an amazing job portraying the scene and the thin lineart (in comparison to the pencil sketch) tremendously helped the picture.

Okay, yeah, sure, Kelly’s hand still looks awkward and Ash’s looks like starfish. Ash’s ear looks weird because I can’t draw ears.

However, the side views look GREAT, even BETTER than the sketch (how did that happen?!), the sleeping bag looks great, and the shading just completely sets the mood. Like, you can TELL it’s dark. You can tell there isn’t much light. Okay, maybe there’s a bit more light than you’d expect, but I can imagine Kelly being a bit afraid of the dark and having a light in there.

Did I mention that I love their faces? Okay, yeah, I did, but I need to mention it again. I REALLY love their faces. I really, really do. They came out so well!

This is easily one of my favourite images I’ve ever done for Onlyinadreamshipping. Which is funny, considering I didn’t like the original sketch.

The original sketch is from 2011, the finished version from 2013.

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