[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Post-KJ Kiss

This one was one of the earliest pictures for me to finish. The sketch was definitely done in 2011 and the finished version in 2012. It’s one of the few pictures completely finished in 2012.

The picture is suppose to take place after the main storyline of Kelly’s Journey and is clearly a day that Kelly’s more relaxed because she’s wearing an outfit she doesn’t always wear.

I apparently liked the sketch for the most part back in 2011. I had been wanting to draw a kissing scene between the two and finally drew them. It was going well…until it got to the hands.


Yeah…the hand-drawing-level there is closer to 2008’s than 2011, as I said in the original post. And apparently on the actual sketch too. Geez, it’s terrible. I had tried to search for references too (first trying Disney because it felt like a Disney pose to me), but failed to find any. I did end up taking one of Jenni and her then-boyfriend, but I never used it.

Instead, I used the lazy artist’s way out: I cropped the hands out of the picture.


Yeeeeep, I took the lazy way out. It looks a bit weird, though that might be because I’m not used to less-than-half-body images. Especially for my own artwork.

The coloured version isn’t too bad. I still think it looks cute, even though the parts I really don’t like about the picture (I’m not really a fan how I drew both of their hair) stands out more.

The background was lazy on my part. I was trying to do a wall, but then I just sort of gave up.

Done in…MangaStudio, Clip Studio Paint, and Photoshop, I do believe.