[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Isshu Passionate Kiss

As you should know (if you’ve read my previous post), I did a three-image set of kissing Onlyinadreamshipping images. One of the images (I think it’s the final one) was a rather passionate Unova-region kiss. I’m a bit embarrassed by its rather intense look, but that’s alright.


Kelly and Ash started kissing, which turned into a make out session. Kelly ended up against a tree and the two slid down to the ground. Then Kelly wakes up and becomes flustered and conflicted about the dream because a part of her totally wants to do that with Ash and the other part of her is totally appalled at such a thought. Of course, we only get to see the dream sequence, not the Kelly waking up bit here.

Right from the sketch, I knew I loved how Kelly’s hair looked. The way it slightly puffs forward, indicating she had slid down. it’s just…so great.

And, as usually, I don’t like the visible hands in the image. Shame I didn’t have Pose Studio at the time because I guarantee I would have made a reference just for the hands in it.

I was already enjoying this image when I coloured it. The base colour and shaded version quickly became one of my favourite pictures. The image looked intense and so good, it reminded me of the actual anime. I know it’s a great picture when I feel like it’s from the anime, even though I’m totally well aware the anime would never have this nor would my character ever appear in it (nor would I want her to).

Backgrounds generally strike me with fear. Especially ones with a tree trunk. This wonderful image of mine required a background with trees.  This wasn’t really an issue with the sketch – I can draw backgrounds. I can’t colour them though.

When I worked on backgrounds, I decided to save this image for last, to give me enough time to experiment. With my other images, I got the ground, the tree tops, and bushes down kind of well, but the tree trunks, well forget it. They look horrible. They STILL look horrible. And “studying” the trees from the actual TV series hasn’t been super helpful. A bit helpful, but not enough.

By the time I actually got to this image, I was SICK of doing trees and bushes. Actually, I’m still sick of doing trees and bushes. Shame trees and bushes work so well for Pokémon – don’t know what to do for a background, just do a forest! Pretty simple, but so tiring.

Luckily, the image didn’t come out TOO badly.


I mean, yeah, it could have been better, but I hit a limit with my skill level (as well with my current tolerance level for forest backgrounds). I could have tried to make everything less sharp.

I do think that the close up tree trunk looks the best. Okay, sure, it doesn’t look like it came from the anime, but it works okay for the image.

Shame my background skills weren’t higher because it would have really made the image look amazing. I mean, the background doesn’t ruin the image like it could have, but it takes away from the passion of the image.

I was going to try doing a dreamy glow effect on the image, but I ended up realizing I wasn’t feeling it. I knew that with this dream, I wanted Kelly to think it was real, so when she wakes up, she would be more embarrassed. Plus, the dreamy effect made it light and romantic. Not passionate and romantic. It was inappropriate for the image.

Original sketch from 2011, finished in 2013.

Clip Studio Paint, Manga Studio, and Photoshop.