[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – In the Grass V.2

AH YES, an image I do believe I completed in early 2012, simply because I recall using an old colouring technique of mine – Illustrator. I used to use Adobe Illustrator to line and colour my artwork. I eventually just used it for colouring, then I proceeded to switch to Clip Studio Paint and that’s currently where I am. The original sketch is from 2011.

Just like a lot of the 2011 images, this one was a redraw. And just like the previous posts with redraws, I will be posting the original version first, then posting the new one.

The concept of the picture is extremely simple: Ash and Kelly, laying down, sleeping, in the grass.


I think the concept itself actually came from the fact I just scribbled on the shading (which I confirm here; the scribbling, not the concept). It’s a tooth achingly sweet picture of Kelly and Ash. To me, it’s a shipping picture at its finest, taking subtlety into account. For all you know, they just fell asleep like that and it only looks like they’re holding hands! (At KJ (actually, can we just call it KelJo from now on?) Fans: I bet Daisy must be ecstatic seeing this!)

I want to say this picture was probably suppose to be Kanto, but I might be wrong. Ash might be in a random black shirt, just like Kelly’s in a random, bad coloured choice outfit and has a gold star choker charm (though that might have been before I decided it ends up changing colour at some point).

The 2011 sketch is more or less the same as the original 2007 image:


Ash and Kelly are still laying on the ground. Sure, it’s not obvious from the sketch, but whatever. I had an issue with Ash’s face then and I still have an issue with his face now. It just doesn’t look like him. I’m also not a fan of all the visible hands in this picture. Ash’s is too small and Kelly’s…well, it’s not bent enough.

The coloured version isn’t too much better in the looks department, minus Kelly’s hand, which I actually bothered to fix. Her hand had been bothering too much where I just had to fix it.


It’s not too much better (I think it would have been better if Kelly had just laid her hand flat across her stomach), but that’s okay. Ash looks a bit better here too, but not really by—wait. Oh my gosh. Did I fix his hand?! I don’t recall fixing his hand. It looks better though than the sketch though, doesn’t it? Maybe it has to do with the lineart…I don’t know.

Also, I hate Ash’s shoulder length. Could be a bit smaller and more together (his body looks kind of disconnected…). And his body could be more rectangular.

This picture kind of looks like a sequel to the other one in certain ways, particularly that I coloured Ash’s shirt white (which is usually what he wears now) instead of black.

I do recall the part that nearly stumped me was the “under the tree” shading, like how the original picture had. It was easy in the original, since I just used the burn tool at the time, but with the cell shading, I couldn’t quite do that.

But then I figured it didn’t have to be cell shaded if they were under a tree. So I took a gray airbrush in Photoshop on a new layer, scribbled all over it, and then set the blending options to “multiply” for that whole “see through shadow” effect. I think it came out nicely – soothing, actually. I kind of want to join them~!

I think the line art was done in Corel Painter 11 and I know the shading was definitely done in Adobe Illustrator CS4.