[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – I Want to be With You

Back in 2011 during my Onlyinadreamshipping drawing spree, I decided that I wanted to redraw some old pictures, primarily for a warm up. I was absolutely afraid of screwing up new pictures and knew that if I redrew an old image, the newer version would be better in some aspect. I couldn’t really screw it up too much without making some sort of improvement over the original.

This particular image is an improvement. It’s actually one of those improvements where you look back at the old version and laugh hard at it for being just so…bad.

I chose to redraw this particular image due to my friend in 2008 requesting me to do so. I’m actually glad I took until 2011 to redraw it because I believe that my 2008 skill level wouldn’t have been so much of an improvement over the original 2004 version.

The concept of the original image is simply Ash embracing Kelly from behind, being rather romantic. It’s before I realized/made the decision that he’d take much less action in a relationship – honestly, Kelly would be more likely the one to embrace him from behind like that – so he got to play the role of the romantic boyfriend in this one, including in the redraw.

First, let’s take a look at the original drawing, from 2004:


I think I might have referenced an image for the drawing, but I’m not sure. Even if I did, it doesn’t really even matter because it looks terrible anyway. The heads are too big and super out of proportion (granted, my images are usually out of proportion anyway…). Ash is essentially wrapping his arms around her boobs. Kelly looks like she had been crying.

Also, you can see this was an old design of Kelly’s. She still has long hair but her bangs are a lot closer to Ash’s, since that’s what was a part of her original design.

I don’t know what the heck she’s wearing.

This image is pretty hilarious, though I guess considering I was in, what, sixth grade, it was okay. Kind of an improvement over how I used to draw, though a part of me thinks I used to draw better before…I guess it depended on the image.

Then we get to the sketch of the 2011 version.


Okay, this version is drawn arguably better than the original. It takes everything from the original, including Kelly’s outfit, and draws it with my skill level in 2011. Ash is no longer hugging her boobs, but over her shoulders, Kelly isn’t awkwardly leaning forward. Ash’s head is down on his shoulder. Kelly looks surprised, not like she was crying.

Of course, that doesn’t excuse me from disliking portions of this image. Kelly’s face is notable – It’s too long and too squished, in my opinion. I had trouble with side views then (and I still do now). Kelly’s hand, which, while drawn well, just looks awkward and stiff. Her outfit just looks weird. I also don’t like Ash’s hand that is visible.

I do like Ash’s pose in general and feel that it’s an improvement over the original image.


The coloured version didn’t really provide any improvements. Actually, I think it came out worse. I usually feel that about the coloured versions though.

I do need to talk about the background. For the longest time, I knew that I wanted them in a room and it to be raining. I think it might have been part of the original image concept, from back in 2004, but I could be wrong about that since it was back in 2004. Maybe the room & rain concept was from planning it in 2008. Either way, I felt that it was appropriate for the image and I still feel like it is. I don’t think it’s necessarily executed well, but it’s good enough for my current background skill level. I think the window probably should have been a bit lower.

I am a fan of the raindrops though. Thank you, motion blur!

I actually kind of want to redraw this picture again – I think I could do it better now. I think I would rather wait at least two more years though before I do that. You know, a bigger improvement.

The original-original version sketch is from 2004, the original sketch of the redraw is from 2011, and the coloured version is from 2013.

Made in MangaStudio Debut 4, Clip Studio Paint EX, and Adobe Photoshop CS4.