[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Arm Clamp

Back in 2011, I ended up accidentally kicking myself into an Onlyinadreamshipping mood a.k.a. I start to fangasm over the thought of Kelly (my fan character) and Ash Ketchum being together. They’ve been my favourite pairing since 4th grade and yes, I’m fully aware they’re never going to happen and do you know what? I’m more than okay with that. I like the daydream better than the actuality generally.

Once I was kicked into an Onlyinadreamshipping mood (which I’ll call OIAD from here on out), I decided to draw a ton of images. This “arm clamp” one included. I actually believe it was one of the last pictures I did, but hey, that’s okay for this. It was listed at number 1 for my back catalog. This is one of the many pictures that aren’t going anywhere but here on my website.


According to the previous post with the sketch, I had tried many different poses that seemed to be failing for the final set of OIAD images. I ended up having to pull up a “to draw” list to get the final idea. Of course, now in 2013, I don’t remember anything about that, but I’ll take 2011 me’s word for it.

Now, my opinion on the sketch slightly varies from what I said in 2011 – I currently sort of like this picture, but definitely have a few gripes with it, just like I originally said. I hate how Ash’s face and body looks. Both Pikachu look weird, though I think Sparkle (Kelly’s Pikachu) came out a bit better than Ash’s Pikachu. Kelly’s pose is pretty good – I’m particularly a fan of her legs – but I don’t like her arm or hand. I’m also not really liking her face, which I feel is too “soft” and round for her character. Her hair is okay though. I do like how I drew Kelly’s Gardevoir.

I thought this was one of my more “popular” images, but I now think I’m confusing it with another image that contains a plethora of Pokémon in addition to the trainers.


I think the coloured version of this image is decent. I think the sketch came out arguably better. The “smoothness” of Kelly’s leg now looks too wirey in my opinion (same with the lineart in general – looks more like wire). I feel that the parts of the image that were bad, like the heads of the Pikachu and Ash’s body, stick out much more in colour, which is a shame. Colouring did not save me on this one. Gardevoir is still my favourite part of this image.

This is during my background improvements, so my backgrounds look arguably better than my previous attempts, but obviously not where I want them to be.

Overall, I feel that this is a cute image, although it falls short of some of my other pictures.


Programs Used:
Clip Studio Paint
Adobe Photoshop CS4
MangaStudio Debut 4


Original sketch is from July 2011; Completed colouring from 2013