[BACK CATALOG] Kelly Winking

That’s a fun banner, isn’t it? It actually started with the next image to be posted. Anyway, I wanted to make some notebook paper on my computer to print out that had Kelly on it. I wanted her leaning forward and winking. Unfortunately, the picture didn’t come out how I wanted to, so it’s unusable as notebook paper to me.


Kelly’s not leaning forward in this “I’m a cute and pretty anime girl” way, but more of a…”this is how I real person would look doing this pose” sort of way. Okay, so the sketch itself isn’t really that bad. It’s just not what I wanted. Also, Kelly looks too old to me in this and I don’t like it. She’s suppose to be 15~16 here.

The coloured version doesn’t make any improvements on it. If anything, it makes it worse.


I don’t like the thickness of Kelly’s eyes, I think her hands look weirder here, and it looks even more apparent that she doesn’t look her age. It’s like she’s suddenly twenty and trying clothes on from her teens for fun.

Overall, I think this is a decent picture. One day, I’d like to attempt what I was originally going for.