[BACK CATALOG] Kelly Wearing Ash’s Hat (Redraw)

A couple years ago, I posted a poll on my deviantART asking my watchers which picture they would like to see redrawn. I picked out a select few images, including this old one from 2007 of Kelly wearing Ash’s hat. The original image from 2007 is easily one of my favourite pictures – Kelly looking cute and innocent, while she was possibly talking. I was pretty glad it won.

The original image was outlined with a regular “inking” pen, as I called them, and coloured it with the paint bucket and burn tool.


It’s still a cute picture, even to this day.

The redraw, however, made the original lose some of its cuteness. At least, to me. It clearly showed my improvements since 2007 (as well as things I still need to work on, like equal eye levels).
kellywithashshatThe pose is more or less the same. Kelly just looks arguably more surprised and her legs are angled a bit differently, and you can see the back of her hair. You can also see the modifications I’ve done to Kelly’s design over time including giving her a faceted charm and shorter front locks.

The coloured version showed an even bigger improvement in comparison to the original image.


Of course it would show a bigger improvement though! I wasn’t using the burn or dodge tool! And I did digital lineart!

Now, I don’t think Kelly looks cuter in the new version. I do think that she looks good. Much more solid. I’m going to go as far to say I can almost feel the flesh on her arm. Yeah. That might be hard to understand, but I can almost “feel” it, like she was a real person.

I do believe that this picture was one in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter 11.