[BACK CATALOG] Kelly, Sparkle, & Bicker

I can’t really remember why I drew this picture. According to the deviantART posting of the sketch, I had been watching TV shows when I drew the picture, since TV shows make me want to draw. That’s totally possible – I kind of “programmed” myself to draw while TV shows are playing since if I’m marathoning TV shows, I don’t get much done. I mean, okay, sure, I’d draw more without trying to watch a new episode of Supernatural or Once Upon a Time, but I still want to watch TV shows. It’s kind of my terrible compromise. Which reminds me that it’s probably what I should be doing right now.

Kelly was probably chosen either because I was worryingly disinterested in drawing her or because she was the quickest and easiest thing for me to draw. Or both. Both of those could be reasons. I’m sure Sparkle and Bicker appeared because I’m starting to hate not including Pokémon in my fan character drawings. If they’re going to be Pokémon trainers, they might as well have their Pokémon.


I’m pretty sure this picture was another excuse to draw Kelly’s hair flowing, so that’s what I did. It didn’t come out as good as this other picture I did with Sparkle and Kelly, but it still looks decent. Bicker (Kelly’s Spearow) doesn’t look too bad, but I think he could’ve looked better. Sparkle’s (Kelly’s Pikachu’s) pose makes me laugh. She looks like she’s sailing on Kelly’s head.

The coloured version isn’t anything special.


I did spend quite a bit debating how I wanted to go about drawing the clouds before I finally settled on going with something that looks like the current anime style. I suck at clouds though, so they don’t look good.

I don’t think there should be that many big clouds here, but that’s okay. We can just pretend that she’s on top of a cliff. Some of you can pretend that she’s going to fall off and die too. Or that you’ll catch her in your arms. Or something.

I’m actually surprised that I like this picture. I think it’s simple, but not boring. I think it helps too that Kelly has Pokémon with her, instead of being completely alone.

Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and…MangaStudio? It might just be the first two though.