[ARTWORK] Kanata with Her Laptop

Back in late 2006, I drew my computer geek character, Kanata, on her laptop. I made it with the intention of making a poster of her, which people (such as myself) can print out and hang on their wall or whatever.


The picture isn’t that bad nor is the concept. It’s actually one of my favourite images of her. When I was redrawing images, I knew this was one of the candidates.


It’s mostly the same. I think the largest change was her leg position, which looks more awkward in the new version because I can’t draw people with one leg over the other. Oops. Silly me for even trying.

I think her face is an improvement though.

The coloured version is vaguely inspired by the original image, but instead of using Photoshop stencils, it just uses some free hand drawings of mine.


I like this picture at the same time as not. I really like the colouring on Kanata and her pose. I have an issue with the bright background and the texturizing I did, particularly the overlay of ones and zeroes to try and give the image a bit more of a computer-like feel. I’m still debating if that actually worked or not. I’m leaning towards no, but I think people might understand the concept.


I don’t know.

Overall, this is an alright image, but I think the other Kanata picture turned out much better.