[ARTWORK] Hey There, Honey Bee

This image is from a bookmark I made, just like some of the previous images. I felt like drawing Melissa for one of them. I don’t draw Melissa often enough, which makes me sad, since she’s one of my favourite characters…ignoring I still feel bad for why she was created. But regardless.

The page this was sketched on was the same one as the Clyde image, so it sort of looks like Melissa is hitting on him.


Kind of.

Clyde isn’t the type of guy she likes though. He doesn’t have purple hair or pink-hair-that-looks-purple hair.

I think the sketch looks better than the coloured version, but that’s usually how I feel about my artwork.


The coloured version isn’t bad. It’s particularly her eyes I’m not a huge fan of. Everything else looks good or decent. Her nose gap thing is too large but that issue originates in the original sketch. Also, the leg lines look awkward. I probably drew in more lines to close off her legs for the base colour and shadows.

I really like the shadow on her arm.